Re-Engaging the Great Disengagement: The 10th Annual Conference on Community College Excellence

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C3E Winter ConferenceThe 10th annual Conference on Community College Excellence (C3E) was held on February 17. The theme for this year’s conference was “Re-Engaging the Great Disengagement.”

The onset of COVID-19 resulted in the Great Disengagement in academia as students, faculty and staff on college campuses questioned their happiness, career path, choices and financial survival. The results were lower student enrollment, mass migration to online courses along with burnout on campuses as students and faculty tried to adjust to basic teaching and learning in a new norm.

This year’s conference focused on the struggle to recapture academic excellence, adapt to new practices and norms and re-engage students, faculty and staff.

There were three thematic tracks at the conference:

  • Effective Teaching and Learning environments.
  • Ensuring Student Success.
  • Extending Diversity and Inclusion: building trust, belonging and engagement.

All the sessions were recorded and can be heard here:

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