The Bronco Reconnect Mixer

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Bronco ReconnectThe Bronco Reconnect Mixer was held on April 18. The event was led by Joshua Perez, Admissions; Cheryl Walker, Academic Success Center; Wilma Rosario, Financial Aid and Karen Thomas, the Registrar.

The team expressed its gratitude to all who participated and supported the Bronco Reconnect Mixer Event.

The statistics were impressive:

  • 85 students RSVP’d and checked in (via QR code)
  • 12 students RSVP’d (via email) and checked in (via walk-in)
  • 8 students RSVP’d (via phone) and checked in (via walk-in)

Total = 105 students

The student population consisted of the following.

  • 2 incoming Freshmen
  • 84 readmit (Reconnect students)
  • 19 continuing

Services and incentives offered during the mixer:

  • 13 iPads distributed to those students who were registered at the event.
  • 2 student requests for laptops.
  • 63 students readmit applications were processed on the spot. (21 readmit applications are pending due to negative service indicators and/or an appeal needed)
  • 25 Bronco Reconnect Scholarship applications collected. (They received $100 towards the student’s tuition and/or a monthly metro card)
  • A few Reconnect students showed interest in the CUNYEdge tuition assistance incentive.
  • 8 Appeal (CAS and SAP) applications collected.
  • 24 Reconnect students initiated the FAFSA application process.
  • Several students expressed an interest in joining and/or learning about the M.E.N. (Male Empowerment Network) and several departments (English, Biology, Art and Music and Health/Physical Education).

The next Bronco Reconnect Mixer Event will be held in the Fall.

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