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The BCC Foundation’s 2019 Scholarship Gala was a tremendous success. Your support and participation helped raise needed scholarship support for students returning to BCC next academic year. Thank you for your help and extraordinary partnership!

Find the 2019 Scholarship Gala photos here.

The Interns Equity Fund

That night we also announced our new Interns Equity Fund. Internships can change the trajectory of a student’s by giving them real world experience in the career they want to enter. However, when small businesses, government agencies or non-profits organizations have no budget for salary, taking an internship can have serious financial consequences.

Over 40% of BCC students come from households earning less than $15,000 a year. Accepting an unpaid internship – even when it provides a tremendous leg-up to a career – can cause financial hardships for students who would likely have to turn down paid jobs their families depend on. The Interns Equity Fund seeks to level the playing field and ensure that students are able to take advantage of the opportunities they deserve.

For only $1,500 to fund a BCC student can have their internship funded – we want to fund 20 students.

Every gift helps deserving BCC students gain the experience they need to begin their careers.

You can fund several students or provide a gift of any size to support of the fund today.

Please make your contribution to the Interns Equity Fund now through June 30thto support students next academic year.

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