Program Description

The Media and Digital Film Production AS degree program provides students with a broad foundation in digital production to prepare for a career in television, film, video, which makes up only a fraction of the possibilities for trained media specialists. Major corporations, government agencies, businesses, hospitals, and educational institutions use media to train, educate, and communicate information. Students in the Media and Digital Film Production AS degree program acquire a diverse skill set through various media courses and hands-on experiences in studio and sound production, field production, camera operation, lighting, audio recording, digital graphics and animation, editing as well as the narrative. All degree candidates complete a final, short digital media project. In the last semester of study, students have the opportunity to do further work in the industry through a supervised internship program. The AS degree offers students the option to enter the industry upon graduation or to transfer to a four-year program.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Media and Digital Film Production program requirements, students will be able to:

  1. Compare the various jobs in the media and digital film industry and make an informed decision about which professional path suits their interests and abilities.
  2. Demonstrate basic skills involved in the production and post-production of a media project.
  3. Create treatments and storyboards for visual media stories using digital software.
  4. Edit using non-linear computer editing software and output video for distribution.
  5. Perform entry-level professional skills after working in a supervised internship in the digital media industry.
  6. Create a 5 minute digital film.

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Curriculum Coordinator: Professor Jeffrey Wisotsky

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