As you know, postponing our 60th Commencement Ceremony is necessary in the light of COVID 19. Given, there is no way to completely replace the excitement of an in-person commencement ceremony at our gorgeous BCC campus. There is no proper way to capture the effervescent energy of nearly 2000 graduates in regalia, marching to pomp and circumstance, all receiving personal kudos from the faculty and BCC President, while their names are announced for all to hear under the massive white tents, accompanied by thousands of their loved ones and hundreds of faculty and staff is simply irreplaceable. Therefore, we have postponed the in-person commencement ceremony. Our 60th Commencement Ceremony will not be replaced by a virtual online ceremony.

Although we are postponing our May commencement ceremony, we will still honor and recognize our hardworking and dedicated graduates and thank the community of educators. BCC honors the class of 2020.

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