Kate Culkin interviewed for Inkslingers Podcast

“I read, I go research a certain section, and then I try to write. I think to some extent you have to do some amount of reading around everything because if it’s a biography, you have to have some sense of where this person’s life ends up.” – Kate Culkin, Episode 9, Inkslingers

Feminist, historian and Professor Kate Culkin joins the Inkslingers podcast to talk about her biographical work on 19th century women, including Harriet Hosmer and Harriet Jacobs. In the episode, Culkin talks with Cynthia about her writing process, what it’s like to dig deep into her family tree and how to get archivists to help with your research (hint: ask the right questions). The podcast was created by former students in Kate Culkin’s Research and Methodology seminar in the MA Biography and Memoir Program at The Graduate Center CUNY. Listen to the podcast here.


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