Cash Course


Learning how to use your money wisely now will help you make informed financial decisions and build a strong foundation for your future.

Money management is an important and practical skillset for everyone to learn and practice.

To promote this, Bronx Community has partnered to provide our campus community with CashCourse.

Cash Course

CashCourse is a free resource with tips and tools for managing your money. Broad topics covered include financial basics, paying for college and economic survival. Get started today and learn more about:

Understanding financial aid

  • Paying for college
  • Creating a budget
  • Protecting your credit
  • Saving money
  • Setting financial goals
  • Renting an off-campus apartment
  • How to compare job offers
  • Understanding employee benefits


CashCourse Provides:

  • Free online financial education courses through instructor assignments or self-study
  • Customizable financial tools such as worksheets, a Budget Wizard, quizzes and calculators
  • A personal dashboard to track your progress
  • Articles and resources on topics that students can relate to
  • A guide to real-life money questions
  • We’re here to help students take control of their financial futures. No cost, no catch, no hidden agenda.

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