We have established a state-of-the-art learning environment to help education majors become competent in implementing the tools of technology for study, research and best pedagogical practices. Education associate majors receive instruction in using these technological resources to enhance teaching, learning, curriculum design, and fieldwork experiences in early childhood and childhood education.

NYC Men Teach at Bronx Community College (NYCMT)

This new initiative within the Department of Education and Academic Literacy provides support for successful completion of an Early Childhood, Childhood, or Secondary Education degree at Bronx Community College. Students pursuing other majors who are particularly interested in a teaching career in New York City public schools can also apply. Students who are enrolled as program participants in NYC Men Teach at Bronx Community College may receive supplementary financial assistance, including monthly MetroCards, throughout the semester. Program participants also have access to academic advisement, professional development and mentorship.

This program focuses on minority men of color who are academically qualified and particularly interested in becoming part of the diverse teacher population in New York City public schools.

To learn more about NYCMT at CUNY, program eligibility and how to apply, please visit www.cuny.edu/nycmenteach

Office hours are Monday through Friday 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

NYC Men Teach at Bronx Community College
Department of Education and Academic Literacy
Colston Hall [CO], Room 401
Bronx Community College – CUNY
2155 University Ave,
Bronx, NY 10453

Alderson Magloire
Academic Student Support Manager/Counselor
Colston Hall [CO], Room 401
P: 718-289-5302
F: 718-289-6300
E: alderson.magloire@bcc.cuny.edu

Reading Computer Lab

The Reading Computer Lab is an essential component of our department as well as an important element of the College’s overall network of support services. Students use the lab for assistance with their reading and study skills issues. The lab contains a variety of programs and materials on many reading levels. Complete classes and individual students have access to the lab. Tutors are available for class and individual assistance.


Tutorial support is available throughout the year in the computer lab (Colston Hall 404), the Center for Education and Literary Arts (Colston Hall 407), and in the classroom. An education major is available in the Center for Education and Literary Arts to provide assistance in reading and study skills. A CUNY graduate writing fellow is available to all education majors throughout the semester.

Reading Program

The Reading Program offers courses in developmental reading, advanced reading and study skills. The reading courses serve students across degree programs and provide them with an intellectual framework, background knowledge, and critical reading and thinking strategies.

We are committed to taking students from where they are in terms of their preparation and motivation when they first enroll at Bronx Community College. We help them to achieve their educational, career and life goals.

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