Cybersecurity and Networking

Cybersecurity & Networking AAS Course Requirements


60 Credits required for AAS Degree

Curriculum Coordinator: Dr. Syed Rashid Zaidi

Required Core

A. English Composition (6 credits)
B. Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning (3 Credits)

  • MTH 28 College Algebra and Elementary Trigonometry OR MTH 28.5 College Algebra and Elementary Trigonometry (Corequisite)

C. Life and Physical Sciences (4 Credits)

  • PHY 11 College Physics I

Flexible Core

D. Individual and Society

  • COMM 11 Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communications (3 Credits)

E. Scientific World

  • PHY 121 College Physics II (4 Credits)

A-E: Select one course from flex core areas A, B, C, D, or E

Strongly Recommended: HIS 10 History of the Modern World OR HIS 11 Introduction to the Modern World (3 Credits)

SUBTOTAL 23 Credits

Major Requirements

  • ART 10 Art Survey OR MUS 10 Music Survey (1 Credit)
  • FYS 11 First Year Seminar2 (1 Credit)
  • PEA Physical Education Activity Course (1 Credit)

Networking/Cybersecurity Requirements

  • CSN 100 Introduction to Cybersecurity (3 Credits)
  • CSN 105 Computer Hardware and Software (3 Credits)
  • CSN 110 Network Fundamentals (3 Credits)
  • CSN 120 Network Switching and Routing (3 Credits)
  • CSN 130 Network Operating Systems I (3 Credits)
  • CSN 132 Network Operating Systems II (3 Credits)
  • CSN 140 Network Scripting (4 Credits)
  • CSN 150 Cybersecurity (4 Credits)
  • CSN 160 Ethical Hacking and Network Penetration Testing (3 Credits)
  • CSN 170 Internet and Cloud Computing (3 Credits)
  • CSN 190 Cybersecurity Project (1 Credits)

SUBTOTAL 36 Credits

Free Electives

  • Free Elective (1 Credit)

TOTAL 60 Credits



  1. Students who are planning to transfer to senior college programs in Cybersecurity/Networking and similar may complete MTH 30 Pre Calculus Mathematics in place of PHY 12. It is recommended that students consult with their advisor and review senior college program requirements to determine the best course to take to optimize transfer credit.
  2. Students must take FYS 11 prior to earning 24 equated or degree credits. Students who have earned 24 or more equated or degree credits are permitted to use the one credit as a free elective. It is highly recommended that students take FYS 11 in their first or second semester.

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