Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts & Sciences AA Course Requirements


60 Credits required for AA Degree

Required Core

A. English Composition (6 Credits)
B. Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning (3 Credits)
C. Life and Physical Sciences1 (3-4 Credits)

SUBTOTAL: 12-13 Credits

Flexible Core

A. World Cultures and Global Issues (6 Credits)
B. U.S. Experience in Diversity (3 Credits)
C. Creative Expression (3 Credits)
D. Individual and Society (3 Credits)
E. Scientific World (3 Credits)

SUBTOTAL: 18 Credits

Major Requirements

NOTE: Students will complete a minimum of six credits of these requirements within the Flexible Core. Transfer students who have completed Common Core requirements at a previous institution will not be required to complete credits in excess of the 60 credit requirement.

  • ART 11 Introduction to Art History OR ART 12 Introduction to Art History: Africa, the Americas, Asia and the Middle East (0-3 Credits)
  • MUS 11 Introduction to Music OR MUS 12 Introduction to Music: A Multi-Cultural Survey of World Music (0-3 Credits)
  • COMM 11 Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communication (0-3 Credits)
  • COMMUNICATION Select ONE from COMM, THEA, FILM, MEST (0-3 Credits)
  • ENGLISH English Elective2 (0-3 Credits)
  • HIS 10 History of the Modern World OR HIS 11 Introduction to the Modern World (0-3 Credits)
  • HISTORY Select ONE from HIS, GEO, PHL (0-3 Credits)
  • SOCIAL SCIENCE Select TWO courses from ANT, CRJ, ECO, HSC, POL, PSY and SOC (0-6 Credits)
  • WORLD LANGUAGES3, 4 Select two courses from the same language at appropriate level (e.g., ARB, FRN, ITL, JPN, POR, SPN)(0-6 Credits)

Additional Major Requirements

  • PEA Physical Education OR HLT 91 Critical Issues in Health (1-2 Credits)
  • Lab Science1 (0-1 Credit)
  • Free Electives (0-10 Credits)

SUBTOTAL: 29-30 Credits



  1. This requirement is satisfied if a student takes a 4-credit STEM variant course in Required Area C.
  2. Choose any ENG course from ENG 120-199.
  3. World Language courses taught in English (e.g., ITL 123) do not satisfy this requirement.
  4. Some languages (e.g., French and Spanish) require placement testing prior to enrollment. Please contact the World Languages and Cultures Department for more information.

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