War on Ukraine Discussion

On Thursday, March 3, faculty members in the History and Social Sciences Departments, drawing on their scholarly expertise, facilitated a discussion on Russia’s War on Ukraine for the Bronx Community College community.

View the event here:

Why does Russian President Putin want to destroy Ukraine? How is the U.S. involved, and why is this war in Europe getting so much attention? Why does this war matter beyond Ukraine and what can we learn?

Presenters: Prof. Mara Lazda (History), Prof. William deJong-Lambert (History), Prof. Wladislaw Roczniak (History), Prof. Hisseine Faradj (Social Sciences). Moderated by Prof. Seth Offenbach (History).


Other Resources:

Association for Slavic East European and Eurasian Studies Calendar on events on Ukraine has many, many interesting online events by experts who study and have lived in the region https://www.aseees.org/resources/ukraine-events-calendar

You are likely familiar with the work of  Timothy Snyder  In one of his many recent talks (this one before Putin attacked) he outlines his argument for focusing on history and language to counter Putin’s myths of Ukraine: Petryshyn lecture 2/28/22 “Ukraine as a Normal Country” https://youtu.be/5oRUfQA6efY

Resources to help, fact sheet, movies on Ukraine: Razom for Ukraine https://linktr.ee/razomforukraine

Lessons for the current refugee crisis: On the disparities of refugee politics in Europe

News: Guardian    Kyiv Independent

Learning from the war: Europe’s Refugee Hypocrisy https://slate.com/podcasts/what-next/2022/03/the-european-refugee-double-standard

And join our CUNY colleagues for the 2022 Ukrainian Contemporary Music Festival


header image: Seth Globepainter in Paris, France, 2022



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