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Register online for CUNY portal account and fill out the application.


  Pay the application fee.


  Submit supporting documents.

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Required Documents

Official high school transcript and a copy of high school diploma

An official paper transcript must be sent directly to CUNY/UAPC in a sealed, school-issued envelope (see address listed). Transcripts in a language other than English are accepted.

OR General Equivalency Diploma (GED)

Scores with a minimum score of 2250 (formerly 225) are required.

For more information please visit our Veteran and Military Resources page.

Apply Early

Students who want to be assured that their applications will receive first priority are strongly advised to apply by the deadline: September 15th for spring or February 1st for fall admission.

As a veteran applicant, we recommend that you download and complete either the Freshman Admission Application Worksheet or Transfer Admission Application Worksheet along with the Admission Application Worksheet for Veterans. Applicants who only have military training should apply for freshman admission.

International Students: Students educated outside the United States should submit one of the following: secondary school transcripts, bachiller notas, baccalaureate, mark sheets or secondary external examination certificates (i.e. CXC, GCE, WASC, EAS, etc.) and, when appropriate, official transcripts from any post-secondary school attended since graduation from high school/secondary school. Documents written in languages other than English must be accompanied by an official translation, on letterhead, prepared using the same format as the original document.

Veteran Application Fee Waiver

All veteran applicants are exempt from paying the Application Fee, but must first request a Veteran Fee Waiver:

  • After you submit your Admission Application, select the “PAY LATER” option on the payment screen.
  • Print your Application Summary Package.
  • Send a request for a Veterans Fee Waiver via email to with the following information:
  • Full Name (as listed on your Application Summary Package)
  • Date of birth
  • Application Control Number (ten-digit number beginning with a W)
  • Indicate whether you are a freshman or transfer applicant
  • Indicate the semester for which you have applied (i.e., Fall 2016)
  • Attach proof of your Veteran/Military status (i.e., DD-214, Current Military ID Card, or Deployment or Pre-separation orders)
  • Include “Veterans Fee Waiver Request” in the subject line of your email

SAT or ACT Tests

If you have already taken the SAT and/or ACT tests, based on your scores you may be exempt from having to take the CUNY assessment tests.

Entering students are exempt from tests when they qualify:

Reading and Writing

  • SAT verbal score of 480 or above
  • ACT score of 20 or above on the verbal section
  • English Language Regents exam score of 75
  • A grade of C or better in freshman composition or a higher level English course


  • SAT I math score of 500 or above
  • ACT math score of 20 or above
  • 80 or above on any one Regents exam (Integrated Algebra, Geometry or Algebra 2 & Trigonometry) and successful completion of Algebra 2 & Trigonometry or a higher-level course”
  • A grade of C or better in 3-credit or more mathematics course
  • Proof must be submitted to the Admissions Office

Please note: Students who are exempt from the math skills test are still required to take that test for placement into the appropriate math course.

Check Your Application Status

Letters will go out 6 to 8 weeks after your application is complete (after the February 1 or September 15 priority deadlines). You can check the status of your submitted application at your CUNY portal account. Check your Application Status

You can also call the processing center’s automated system at the Office of Admissions Services at (212) 997-2869. For further information, see CUNY’s Information on Admission Decisions

Exemptions from CUNY Skills Assessment Tests

  • Students who have already earned a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college in the United States may be exempt from testing. Students whose degree is from a non-English speaking country should take the English as a Second Language (ESL) placement test.
  • Students who have taken the exam previously may wish to accept the results of their prior exam.

Please note: Students have the option of retesting to improve his/her scores if the initial exam was taken more than two years earlier.

  • Current Service members that are going to use Tuition Assistance are encouraged to speak with your Educational Service Officer (ESO) or counselor within your Military Service branch prior to enrolling into Bronx Community College.
  • Your TA request must be approved before the start date of the class
  • Soldiers whose TA request are not approved by the class start date will not be approved.

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