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Room LO 419
Fall/Winter hours
9am -5pm
Monday – Friday

Bronx Community College’s Access Resource Center, (ARC) is your one-stop place to get connected to government benefits and resources. Whether it is childcare, SNAP, or transportation, you can get a referral for what is available to you – where you live and when you need it.

We offer the following FREE services:

  • Benefits Screening
  • Legal Consultation
  • Financial Consultation
  • Tax Preparation

We also partner with other BCC offices across the campus to find innovative ways to empower our students and ensure they are successful. With their help, we coordinate:

  • Access Resource Center, with lists of jobs, housing, pantries, and more
  • Distribution of FREE food staples at the BCC Food Pantry
  • Assistance with recertification of benefits
  • Fair Hearing Assistance
  • Assistance obtaining other government resources

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All our services are FREE.

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