Liberal Arts & Sciences

Liberal Arts & Sciences Childhood Education AA Degree Map

SEMESTER I      Freshman Prerequisite/Corequisite
Required Core A: English Composition I – ENG 100 Integrated Reading and Writing OR ENG 110 Fundamentals of Writing and Rhetoric OR ENG 111 Writing and Rhetoric1 See footnote1 3
Flexible Core C/Major Requirement: ART 11 Introduction to Art History OR ART 12 Introduction to Art History: Africa, the Americas, Asia and the Mideast OR MUS 11 Introduction to Music OR MUS 12 Introduction to Music: A Multi-Cultural Survey of World Music Corequisite: ENG 100 or 110, if required  


Flexible Core D/Major Requirement: PSY 11 Introduction to Psychology Corequisite: ENG 110, if required 3
Early Childhood & Childhood Education Option Requirement: EDU 10 Child Study-Birth to Grade 6 Corequisite: PSY 11; ENG 110, if required 3
Major Requirement: PEA Physical Education OR HLT 91 Critical Issues in Health See catalog 1-2
FYS 11 First Year Seminar2 (Free Elective Credit) None 0-1
Subtotal: 13-15


SEMESTER II           Freshman Prerequisite/Corequisite
Required Core A: ENG 112 Composition and Rhetoric II OR ENG 113 Writing About Literature OR ENG 114 Written Composition and Prose Fiction OR ENG 115 Written Composition and Drama OR ENG 116 Written Composition and Poetry  

ENG 100, 110, or 111



Required Core B: MTH 21 A Mathematical World OR MTH 21.5 A Mathematical World with Algebra OR MTH 23 Probability and Statistics OR MTH 23.5 Probability and Statistics with Algebra3 OR any course from Required Core B  

See footnote3



Required Core C: Select ONE course from Life and Physical Science4 See catalog4 3-4
Flexible Core A/Major Requirement: HIS 10 History of the Modern World OR HIS 11 Introduction to the Modern World5 See catalog 3
Early Childhood & Childhood Education Option Requirement: EDU 12 Contemporary Urban Education-Birth to Grade 6 Corequisite: ENG 110, if required 3
Subtotal: 15-16


SEMESTER III       Sophomore Prerequisite/Corequisite
Flexible Core A/Major Requirement: World Language – select ANY language at the appropriate level6 See catalog6 3
Flexible Core B: Select ONE course from US Experience in its Diversity. If Flexible Core B is satisfied by taking COMM 20 below, select any 3-credit course as free elective See catalog 3
Communications7/Major Requirement: COMM 11 Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communication OR COMM 20 Public Speaking and Critical Listening Corequisite: ENG 110, if required 3
Early Childhood & Childhood Education Option Requirement: EDU 26 Human Relations in Urban Schools8 OR EDU 30 Intro to Special Needs9 Corequisite: EDU 10 3
Free Elective: GEO is Recommended10 See catalog10 3
Subtotal: 15


SEMESTER IV          Sophomore Prerequisite/Corequisite
Flexible Core E: Select ONE course from Scientific World (ESE is preferred)7 See catalog7 3
Early Childhood & Childhood Education Option Requirement: EDU 40 Field Work Seminar EDU 10 or EDU 70 3
Free Elective: select any to complete 60 credits. A second level in World Language course above is recommended10 See catalog10 8
Subtotal: 14



1 Students with English Proficiency Index (EPI) of 0-49 enroll in corequisite course ENG 100. Students with EPI of 50-64 enroll in corequisite course ENG

  1. Students with EPI of at least 65 (or other English proficiency qualification) enroll in ENG 111. Students with ESL need should take appropriate ESL course/s (Sequence: ESL 01 > 02 > 03 > 09) before enrolling in ENG 110.

2 It is highly recommended that students take FYS 11 in their first or second semester prior to earning 24 credits. Students who have earned 24 or more credits are permitted to use the one credit as a free elective.

3 Students with Math Proficiency Index (MPI) of 0-59 enroll in corequisite course MTH 21.5 OR MTH 23.5. Students with MPI of 39 or lower are strongly encouraged to enroll in Math Start/CUNY Start.

4 Students may select either a 4-credit or 3-credit science course. Students selecting a 3 credit course must also complete an additional 1-credit Lab course to fulfill graduation requirements. Please note that ENV 11 is not an appropriate lab science for EDU majors as it is not accepted for teacher certification by NYS Education Department.

5 HIS 11 is for students who enroll in ENG 110 as a corequisite.

6 World Language courses taught in English (e.g., ITL 123) do not satisfy this requirement.

Some languages (e.g., French and Spanish) require placement testing prior to enrollment. Please contact the World Languages and Cultures Department for more information.

The World Languages and Cultures Department will consider exemption requests for students who present appropriate evidence that they have completed full-time study at a college or university outside of the United States in which the language of instruction was other than English. These students will be exempted from a foreign language requirement at Bronx Community College.

7 It is recommended that students planning to transfer to City College take COMM 20. Only one COMM course is required for NYSED license.

8 It is recommended that students planning to transfer to Lehman College’s Early Childhood/Childhood Education Program takes EDU 26.

9 NYS Education Department requires teacher education candidates to complete a three-credit course designed to meet the needs of all students in an inclusive classroom (EDU 30). Teacher candidates are required to take the Educating All Students examination.

10 It is recommended that students select courses from the Liberal Arts and Sciences disciplines. See Common Core Pathways course listing.

*Note: In order to graduate, students must meet all requirements, including, completing all required courses with appropriate grades, completing two writing intensive courses, and earning a minimum GPA of 2.0, and applying for graduation.

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