For information about the availability of diplomas for recent graduates, please see Diplomas section below or click here.

Notice to January 2023 graduation candidates: The application period for Fall 2022 graduation will begin on Thursday, August 25, 2022 via CUNYfirst.

Please see the information below on how to apply for graduation and to view your graduation status. If you do not have a link available in CUNYfirst, please visit our office or contact us at or for assistance.

The deadline to file for graduation is Friday, November 18, 2022.

The Graduation Unit will be evaluating students for graduation after the posting of final grades. The Fall 2022 conferral date is January 1, 2023.

Please ensure that all of your contact information (i.e., name, addresses, phone numbers and email accounts) is current in CUNYfirst.

Degree Audit Process

A degree audit is a series of administrative procedures that determine if a student has met his/her degree requirements.

Students must check the Academic Calendar for the deadline to submit an application for graduation.

Students who file late cannot be evaluated in time to participate in commencement exercises.

Apply for Graduation

To obtain a degree or certificate from the college, an application for graduation is required. Students in their final semester must access CUNYfirst and submit an Application for Graduation. If all requirements are not met by the end of the final semester of attendance, the student must reapply for graduation in order to be considered for a subsequent semester.

Contact Graduation Unit

Colston Hall [CO] Room 513
Phone: 718-289-5718
Fax: 718-289-6308

Office Hours 

Mondays – Wednesdays

9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


9:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.


9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Instructions on Applying for Graduation

For an official review of your academic record, apply for graduation online using CUNYfirst.

Log in to CUNYfirst: Student Center > Graduation > Apply for Graduation

  • Click Program: Undergraduate
  • Select the Expected Graduation Term from the drop-down
  • Click the Continue button
  • Submit Application
  • Students may use Self-Service to track the progress of their graduation application.

Please review your home address, telephone number and email account in CUNYfirst to ensure all of your contact information is current.

Graduation Requirements

Students must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Earned 60 or more credits toward their degree (by the end of their final semester). At least 30 credits must be taken on campus and applicable toward their degree.
  • Certificate Program requires 30 credits towards the program and at least 15 of those credits must be taken on campus.
  • Review your online Student Advisement DegreeWorks Audit.
  • A minimum GPA of 2.0 (overall and toward a degree).
  • Satisfactorily completed two writing intensive courses.

Some degrees contain additional graduation requirements not listed above. For specific graduation requirements in your degree, please consult with your academic advisor or review the current College Catalog.

Graduation Status

After submitting the application for graduation via CUNYfirst, students may track the progress of their graduation application.

Instructions to View Graduation Status
Login to CUNYfirst: Student Center > Graduation > View Graduation Status. There are five types of graduation statuses

  • Eligible to Apply – Based on the total number of credits completed so far, CUNYfirst has determined the student is eligible to submit an application for graduation online.
  • Applied for Graduation – The application for graduation has been received by the Office of the Registrar and is currently on queue for review.
  • Program in Review – The application for graduation has been reviewed by the Office of the Registrar awaiting further action from the student.
  • Need to Finish Pending Work – Everything is in order. The application for graduation has been reviewed by the Office of the Registrar and the student has been placed on the graduation list.
  • Degree Awarded – Degree has been officially awarded.


We are happy to announce that CUNY recently contracted with Parchment LLC to be the diploma source for its schools.  Effective January 2021, graduates and those ordering duplicate diplomas will now receive digital and hardcopy versions.

Approximately 6-8 weeks after their graduation date, students should expect to receive email and text messaging notifications from Parchment LLC to claim their electronic diplomas and about when the hardcopy will be mailed.  For more information, please visit Parchment LLC’s website (

For graduates prior to Fall 2020, if you have not picked up your diploma, we invite you to schedule an appointment via Calendly ( to pick up your diploma.  We recommend that you also send a detailed email to the Graduation Unit ( specifying your full name, EMPLID, major, graduation year, and past & current addresses to confirm that your diploma is available.

If you need verification of graduation, you may request a transcript at, or request enrollment verification via CUNYfirst–> Student Center–> My Academics.

Please review your home address, telephone number and email account in CUNYfirst to ensure that all of your contact information is current.

Thank you and congratulations on your achievements!

Duplicate Diplomas

Graduates may request a duplicate diploma by submitting the Duplicate Diploma Request Form.  There is a standard $30.00 non-refundable fee for all duplicate diploma requests payable by money order to the Bursar’s Office.  No personal checks will be accepted.

  • A duplicate diploma will be issued ONLY in the event that the original diploma was lost, damaged, stolen, or if there is a name change.
  • If there is a name change, please provide  any one of the following documents: court order, marriage license, or divorce documentation.

Bronx Community College regrets that we cannot be responsible if the diploma is lost, stolen, or damaged in the mail.  In the event that you do not receive your diploma or it is damaged, you will be responsible for ordering a replacement copy and for all associated fees.  Thank you for your understanding.

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