The College has one annual commencement ceremony at the end of the Spring semester.  The graduating class consists of students whose degrees were awarded from September of the previous year through June of the current year (e.g., September 2023 through June 2024).

For information regarding the Commencement Ceremony please visit the Office of Student Life’s Commencement website or contact

Note: There is a difference between graduation and commencement. Graduation is the awarding of degrees, which occurs four times during the academic year.  Commencement is the ceremony celebrating the conferral of degrees, which occurs only once during the academic year. Students must apply for graduation by the deadline published in the Academic Calendar.

Degrees Awarded

The following degrees are awarded:

  • Associate in Applied Science Degree (AAS) prepares students for entry into a specific career area immediately after graduation.
  • Associate in Science Degree (AS) and Associate in Arts Degrees (AA) prepare students to transfer to a baccalaureate program.
  • Certificate Programs are designed for individuals who wish to upgrade their skills but are not currently seeking college degrees or who wish to add another specialization to their degree.

Degrees are awarded four times a year:

  • January (for students finishing requirements in the Fall semester)
  • February (for students finishing requirements in the Winter session)
  • June (for students finishing requirements in the Spring semester)
  • September (for students finishing requirements in the Summer session)

Bronx Community College will confer a degree upon a student who has completed all College requirements towards graduation. However, a student must also be in good standing with the College in order to graduate and receive a degree. Accordingly, a student who has completed all academic requirements may not be eligible to receive a diploma until any outstanding financial aid exit interviews or disciplinary matter against him/her has been resolved and any disciplinary penalty completed.

Records are sealed after graduation

No changes may be made to the academic record (transcript) after the degree has been awarded.

Transcripts reflecting the award of your degree

A statement of the degree awarded will be posted on your official transcript before you receive your diploma. To request your transcript to be held until the degree is posted, a student must check the specify box on the transcript request form.

All obligations whether academic and/or financial must be cleared before your records will be released.


Please note that your Bronx Community College diploma displays the degree earned (e.g., Associate in Arts), not the field of study or major (e.g., Liberal Arts & Sciences/General Option).

We are happy to announce that CUNY contracted with Parchment LLC to be the diploma source for its schools.  Effective January 2021, graduates and those ordering a duplicate diploma will now receive authentic and verifiable digital and hardcopy credentials.

Approximately 8 weeks after their graduation date, students should expect to receive email and text messaging notifications from Parchment LLC to claim their electronic diplomas and about when the hardcopy will be mailed.  For more information and to reach their Member Support Services, please visit Parchment LLC’s website (

Please review your full name, home address, mobile number and preferred email account in CUNYfirst, as this is the information Parchment LLC will use to deliver your diploma to you.

For students who have negative service indicators which preclude the distribution of diplomas, please contact the appropriate office(s) to resolve the hold.

For graduates prior to Fall 2020, if you have not received your diploma, please contact us to arrange to pick it up.  Please visit the office’s main webpage for the current hours of operation.  We recommend that you send a detailed email to the Graduation Unit ( specifying your full name, EMPLID, major, graduation year, and past & current addresses to confirm that your diploma is available.

If you need verification of graduation, you may request a transcript at, or request enrollment verification via CUNYfirst > Student Center > Transcript & Verification.

Thank you and congratulations on your achievements!

Duplicate Diplomas

There are two ways graduates may order duplicate diploma credentials (i.e., digital and hardcopy) for a standard $30.00 non-refundable fee.

First, by ordering via the Parchment LLC portal.  You will be asked to provide identifying information regarding your academic career at Bronx Community College.  Required payment will be made directly to Parchment LLC.

Second, by submitting the Duplicate Diploma Request Form.  The $30.00 non-refundable fee must be payable by money order to Bronx Community College Bursar’s Office.  No personal checks will be accepted.

  • A duplicate diploma will be issued ONLY in the event that the original diploma was lost, damaged, stolen, or if there is a name change.
  • If there is a name change, please provide any one of the following documents: court order, marriage license, or divorce documentation.

Bronx Community College regrets that we cannot be responsible if the diploma is lost, stolen, or damaged in the mail.  In the event that you do not receive your diploma or it is damaged, you will be responsible for ordering a replacement copy and for all associated fees.  Thank you for your understanding.

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