The Financial Aid Office hours of operation  during summer are  Monday- Thursday 9am-5pm and Friday 9am- 12pm (Fridays closed during summer) and the Financial Aid Virtual Counter open Mondays 11am-4pm (closed in August) to join click here.

The Office of Financial Aid is located in Colston Hall Room 504. For immediate assistance please call 718. 289. 5700, or email us at

During the fall and spring semesters and the Financial Aid Office is open on Monday – Wednesday 9am-5pm, Thursday 9am-6:30pm and Friday 9am-12pm.  The Financial Aid Office is closed on Fridays during the summer.

Our financial aid counselors are available to speak to you and answer your questions Monday through Friday. 

The Financial Aid Virtual Counter at Bronx Community College is open Mondays 11am- 6:30pm during fall and spring semesters. The Financial Aid Virtual Counter is closed during the month of August.

FAFSA filing assistance is available in the financial aid office with limited seating and via zoom labs on the virtual counter to assist students with their FAFSA applications.  

The Financial Aid Virtual Counter at Bronx Community College is available via ZOOM Click here for more information.


We can help you find a financial aid package that fits your needs.

Paying for college and finding the right financial aid can be an overwhelming process. This section should provide you with all the information that you will need to apply for aid.

We participate in federal and state aid programs that help make education affordable for all students. We also provide debt management counseling and college work study placement services.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns. We are here to assist each one of you. We look forward to helping you.



New York City or State Resident Tuition

Full-time Matriculated Students – 12 or more units or equated hours

Part-time Degree Students

Non-degree Students – full-time & part-time

  • Important Message: Residency determinations for new students are made by the Admissions Office; for continuing students, residency determination is made by the Registrar’s office.

Out of State Resident Tuition

Full-time Matriculated Students
$320.00 per credit/hour

Part-time Degree Students (fewer than 12 credits/hours)

Non-degree Students – full-time and part-time

International Student Tuition

Full-time and Part-time Matriculated Students

Non-degree Students – full-time and part-time

For a full breakdown including all tuition and fees please contact the Bursar Office.


Financial Aid

Colston Hall [CO], Room 504
Phone: 718-289-5700
Fax: 718-289-6303

Bronx Community College School Codes

FAFSA is 002692
TAP is 1400

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