Distance Learning instruction is conducted online using various supporting technologies and methods such as Blackboard, ePortfolio, podcasts, virtual meeting, etc.

In order to continue your coursework remotely, communication with your instructors and access to technology tools will be crucial. Contact your instructor(s) to find out how they will transition your course(s) and which tool(s) you will be expected to use.  Student handout

Five Things All Students Should Know

Here are five things you should be prepared for to successfully participate in your courses: clear communication, reliable internet and device access, knowledge of Blackboard, familiarity with creating files for online submission, and a commitment to accessing and completing online assignments daily.

1. Communication

Contact your instructors via your BCC email or messaging in Blackboard.

  • Be sure you know the instructors’ expectations for participation.
  • If you do not have all of the required technology and access to complete online coursework, be proactive in communicating this to your instructor and finding solutions.

2. Internet and Device Access

Consider the following options:

  • Ensure you have access to a computer or mobile device that includes reliable access to the Internet.
  • Ensure you have speakers and a microphone or a headset with a mic.
  • Ensure you have a webcam, either built into your computer/mobile device, or USB webcam.

3. Blackboard

  • Visit cuny.edu and login to your Blackboard account.
  • Make sure you are getting instructor notifications and announcements by checking your notification settings in Blackboard.
  • Communicate with your instructor in terms of due dates, tests, or accessibility concerns.
  • Download the Blackboard app on your phone.

4. Online Files

  • File Types: You may be asked to submit PDF or MS Office files. Office 365, Google Docs and Dropbox allow you to save your files as PDF files.
  • As a CUNY student, you have access to free instructional software through Blackboard, check your Blackboard account for links to Office 365, Dropbox, and CUNY Cloud Virtual Desktop.

 5. Participation

  • Daily Check-in: Expect to check your email and Blackboard courses daily, and be prepared to attend live video sessions online via the web conferencing tool that may be scheduled during your regularly scheduled campus class time.
  • Notifications:Reading announcements and assignment notifications are crucial to having a successful online learning experience.
  • Time: Expect to spend as much time with your courses online as you would on-campus.
  • Office Hours: Take advantage of any online office hours offered.
  • Communicate: Take the time to promptly communicate via Blackboard or email with your instructors. Ask for feedback or clarification, and be open to phone conversations and video conferencing.
  • Course Support: Before spending too much time on tasks, be sure to reach out for assistance if you have questions or are unable to access course content. Blackboard courses need to be published in order for you to see them. If you cannot see your course on your Blackboard dashboard or Courses menu, reach out to your instructor to make sure it has been published
  • Academic Support: Tutoring and Library support will be available online and on-campus. Check the resources link on your course blackboard page and the BCC website for updates.

Distance Learning Hierarchy of Needs

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