Connecting with the Industry to Build Career Pathways

Since 2012, the BCC Geospatial Center of the CUNY CREST Institute has been working collaboratively with an Industry consortium for promoting out-of-box internships, nurturing career opportunities for skilled BCC and CUNY technicians. The interactions, meetings, discussions with the industry advisory board have led to curriculum grants, software, internship opportunities, and careers pathways.

BGCCCI Advisory Board

Representatives from the industry consortium advise BGCCCI by providing inputs in the choice and design of courses and programs, by delivering workshops, seminars, short talks, and brown bag sessions, and by soliciting Interns from BGCCCI. The advisory board meets once a year in the month of May.

BCC-CUNY Certificate Program in Geospatial Technology with inputs from the Industry

A newly proposed certificate program in geospatial technology will give foundation level skills for BCC-CUNY and other students in the region to succeed in the geospatial industry.

BCC-CUNY Pathways Geospatial Courses

Geospatial Pathway Courses provide all students enrolled at CUNY to learn geospatial technology in both modes all year round.

Executive Summary of the proposed Certificate Program

Workshops with Geospatial Industry Leaders

Representatives from the Geospatial Industry leaders deliver workshops every year at BGCCCI. The workshops expose participants to the Geospatial Industry, and Career Paths and give them a broad overview of current geospatial analytics and future trends. All this empowers aspiring skilled geospatial technicians to make informed decisions that guide them to their career paths.

Below – Members of the Industry with Director of BGCCCI at the Hall of Fame for Great Americans, Bronx Community College

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