Multidisciplinary Research

BGCCCI’s affiliated faculty, students at BCC-CUNY and other institutions, Interns from various institutions, visiting scientists and academics, representatives from not-for-profit organizations, and CUNY’s Office of Research have all participated in a wide range of multidisciplinary research projects. These projects focused on applications of Imaging spectrometer (HyMap), Mapping land cover from time series of very high-resolution spaceborne data, Designing Feature Extraction algorithms, Mapping Urbanization Patterns, Smarter Cities, Gentrification, Diversity,  Mapping spatial accessibility of fresh food for the elderly and more recently data mining algorithms in the cloud.

The research attracted undergraduates, graduates, and faculty from multiple disciplines which resulted in collaborative projects. Research outcomes were presented by students and faculty at various conferences and workshops. Publications in peer-reviewed journals and proceedings of conferences raised the quality of research at BGCCCI and CUNY. Grants from federal and private agencies supported the research by providing geospatial data and software.

(Below) BGCCCI research students presenting at various conferences. 

(Below) The smarter Cities Conference 2nd October, 2014. Smarter Cities lead Professor Neal Phillip with Professor Sunil Bhaskaran and members of the visiting delegation of Mayors from Australian cities with Cr. Jenny Hill – Mayor of Townsville and BCC President Dr. Carole Berotte Joseph

Research on multi-resolution and Hyperspectral – Imaging Spectrometry (HyMap) applications

High resolution satellite imagery over Bronx

Research using geospatial dataset has contributed to pathways courses taught at BCC-CUNY. The hands-on learning materials have provided an enhanced understanding about spatial concepts and thinking and contributed in teaching geospatial technology. Analysis of BIG Geospatial data has led to text books and publications in peer-reviewed journal articles and proceedings of conferences

Link to peer-reviewed publications in journal and proceedings of conferences by affiliated BGCCCI faculty and research students

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