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Liberal Arts and Sciences Media Studies Option

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Course Descriptions
COMM 20 3 rec 3 cr
Public Speaking and Critical Listening
Principles and practice of contemporary forms of public speech communication; informative, persuasive, inspirational, and entertaining; principles and practice of critical listening; analysis and evaluation of public communication
Prerequisite(s): ENG 01 and RDL 01 if required. Corequisite(s): : ENG 02 or ENG10 or RDL 02 if required.
FILM 61 3 rec 3 cr
Introduction to Film
An appreciation of the creation of film and the vocabulary of filmmaking. Close analysis of selected films from the beginning to the present with an eye toward the techniques of directing, editing, cinematography, lighting and sound. One movie a week viewed
Prerequisite(s): ENG 01 and RDL 01 if required. Corequisite(s): ENG 02 or ENG10 or RDL 02 if required.
MEDP 51 Min of 140 hrs/sem 3 cr
Media and Digital Film Internship
The internship places a student in media facilities of a corporation, educational institution, hospital, government agency, private production house or any other setting providing meaningful, supervised on-the-job training in media production and operation. Students will be periodically evaluated by the job supervisor and Media Technology faculty. Upon completion of internship, the student is required to write a summary and critical analysis of the experience. Note: Employers usually expect a commitment of 15 or more hours a week. Students interested in a media project should take CMT 53, Media Projects Labs. Explanation: To acquire an internship that begins at the start of the semester, students need a current resume. Department permission is required to avoid having students who have a G.P.A. under 2.0 take an internship
Prerequisite(s): Minimum of 45 curriculum credits, including ART 71 and MEDP 33, a completed resumé, and departmental permission..
MEST 31 3 rec 3 cr
Digital Audio Production and Post Production
Theory and practical hands-on experience in all phases of sound recording and editing as they apply to the production and post-production of sound creation and design for television, radio, film, music production and the web
Prerequisite(s): MEDP 10.
MEST 60 3 rec 3 cr
Introduction to Mass Communication
Survey of mass communication media, including radio, television, film, and print (press); the development, characteristics and uses of the media and their effects on the individual and the environment
Prerequisite(s): COMM 11.
ENG 15 1 conf/rec 3 rec 3 cr
Written Composition and Drama
Continued emphasis on the writing of clear, effective expository prose based on readings in world drama. Research paper required
Prerequisite(s): ENG 11.

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