Since 2010, a group of faculty and students led by Dr. Sunil Bhaskaran were instrumental in the development of geospatial technology at BCC-CUNY. Their historical efforts led to scholarships, new courses, learning materials, workshops, grants and awards, collaborations and peer-reviewed publications. These developments precipitated in the formation of the Bronx Community College Geospatial Center of the CUNY CREST Institute (BGCCCI). The center is a collaboration between Bronx Community College and CUNY Remote Sensing Earth System (CREST) Institute [CCNY]. The goals of BGCCCI are to educate, train and prepare BCC students to enter the workforce or pursue advanced studies in geospatial technology. Since its inception BGCCCI has been achieving these goals by engaging in the following activities:

*Designing, developing and introducing new and multidisciplinary courses/programs in geospatial technology
*Conducting scholarly activities and cutting-edge research in areas of national priority
*Designing and developing training programs for middle and high school students and educators
*Training students in acquiring workforce skills by organizing summer institutes for school and college students
*Sustain the growth of BGCCCI by grants from private and federal entities.

Quick look fact sheet 
*BGCCCI funded by NSF-ATE,NASA_MISTC federal programs and Industry Consortium 
*Geospatial Course enrollments at BCC since Fall 2015-Spring 2019 [after withdrawals] --> 269  [Source:Office of Institutional Research, BCC] 
*Over 400 participants in our middle school, high school, university, and professional programs since 2017

Dr. Sunil Bhaskaran [ Director]

BCC Geospatial Center of the CUNY CREST Institute [BGCCCI], 
Office of Academic Affairs, 330, Meister Hall, 
City University of New York-BCC Campus, 2155, University Avenue, Bronx, New York – 10453,
Tel: 1-718-289-5566, Fax: 1-718-289-6448. Twitter @BGCCCIGeo
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Building Geospatial Technology from The Ground Up
NSF-ATE & NASA-MISTC programs 
Geospatial Center Coordinator-
Andrella Collins


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