The Bronx Community College Geospatial Center of the CUNY CREST Institute (BGCCCI) was established on the 3 October 2014 by a Memorandum of Understanding signed between The Bronx Community College (BCC) and The CUNY CREST Institute (City College of New York). BGCCCI is invested in fostering research, training and educating students, faculty and staff in geospatial technology and its applications. It is one of the three [3] centers at BCC and is a unit under the Office of Academic Affairs. Following a CUNY wide memorandum, the Center was recently recertified through the BCC Office of Provost and Academic Affairs until 2029 through the CUNY CREST Institute @CCNY and CUNY Dean’s office.

The Center has trained over 500 participants including undergraduates, graduates who are recruited from underrepresented groups, and educators from the K-16 system. The Centers’s research internship program coupled with proactive collaborations with an industry consortium has resulted in several research projects and in creating career pathways for many students and faculty. Affiliated faculty at the Center assist departments at BCC in the design of pathways geospatial curricula, certificate programs, and inquiry-based learning materials. The Center fosters cutting-edge multidisciplinary research at CUNY through its robust academic program consisting of cross-cutting activities including intensive research internships and collaborations with national and international partners. Since 2012, the Center’s steady growth was fueled by sustained funding from the United States National Science Foundation (NSF), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), United States Department of Transportation (USDOT), New York City Workforce Development Initiative (NYCWDI) and other awards from the industry.

The Center’s affiliated faculty and students conduct cross-cutting research investigations using BIG data, geospatial analytics, and data mining techniques (deep, machine learning, cloud services) on a wide range of topics including but not restricted to the following: –

Global Urbanization| Urban Planning | Climate Change | Disaster Mitigation | BIG data| Deep Learning | Machine Learning|AI


  • Impart research, training and education in geospatial technology and analyses to students, educators from the K-16 system.
  • To engage in transformative and convergent research by working collaboratively and synergistically with an industry consortium.
  • To map career pathways for aspiring students and build ecosystems of excellence.

Core Values: Passion, Honesty, and Hard work.

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Sharma A and Bhaskaran, S, 2023, Deriving community vulnerability indices by analyzing multi-resolution space-borne data and demographic data for extreme weather events in global cities, Remote Sensing Applications: Society and Environment.
  • August, 17-24, 2023 – Worked with Provost, Director of CUNY CREST Institute & CUNY Central Office of Dean to Recertify the BCC Geospatial  Center of the CUNY CREST Institute.
  • 9/15/2023 – Invited by Director of CUNY CREST Institute on BGCCCI Accomplishments – Presented at the CUNY CREST Institute Board of Directors Retreat.
  • 9/22/2023 – Collaborated with an industry consortium to prepare proposal and submit to the NSF ITYC project.
  • 2/16/2024 – Elaborate meeting with Provost -OAA to report on BGCCCI activities from 9:30am onwards.
  • 3 /18/2024 – Elaborate meeting with Provost -OAA to report on BGCCCI activities from 4:30pm onwards.
  • 3/19/2024 – Meeting with BCC-CUNY President Dr. Milton Santiago.
  • 3/19/2024 – Visit by IBM Chief Science Officer – Climate Change and Sustainability. 2:00pm onwards.
  • 3/28/2024 – Meeting to discuss NYCEDC-Green-Economy-Action workforce training hub in the Bronx – Funding Opportunity (Chair Dr. Eddy Bayardelle)

Contact Information

For the Center:
BCC Geospatial Center of the CUNY CREST Institute [BGCCCI], 
Office of Academic Affairs, 330, Meister Hall, City University of New York-BCC Campus, 
2155, University Avenue, Bronx, New York – 10453,Tel: 1-718-289-5566, Fax: 1-718-289-6448. 
Learn more about the Center:
Building Geospatial Technology from The Ground Up
For the Director of the Center:
Dr. Sunil Bhaskaran [Director]
Offices: BCC-City University of New York, Room #807, Meister Hall, 2155, University Avenue, Bronx-NY 10453. 
Tel: 1-718-289-5566/5233. Fax: 1-718-289-6448.

Dr. Bhaskaran's Biography
Geospatial Center Coordinator-
Hannah Kennedy

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