Transfer Talk is published twice during the academic year.

Spring 2023
From BCC to Occupational Therapist

Fall 2022
Combating Imposter Syndrome

Spring 2022
From BCC to Physical Therapist

Fall 2021
Exploring Online Degrees

Spring 2020
The Benefits of Volunteering

Fall 2019
The College Catalog; D is for Disaster

Spring 2019
Preparing for The Transfer Fair

Fall 2018
Beyond the Halls of BCC

Summer 2018
The Value of a Liberal Arts Degree

Winter 2018
An Officer and a Student

Fall 2017
Exploring Hispanic Serving Institutions and Historically Black Colleges

Summer 2017
Transfer Planning and Scholarships: Essays

Winter 2017
Transfer Planning and Scholarships: Resumes

Fall 2016
Transfer Planning and Scholarships: An Introduction

Spring 2016
Relocating and Transferring

Winter 2016
Getting Started on the Admissions Essay

Fall 2015 
Transfer Planning: B.A. or B.S. Degree?

Spring 2015
Six Steps to Sound Course Selection

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