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Digital Design AAS | Liberal Arts and Sciences: Studio Art Option Associate in Arts AA

Course Descriptions


ART 10 2 rec 1 cr
Art Survey

Survey of art in selected historical periods of Western civilization.
NOTE: Not open to students taking ART 11 or ART 12
Corequisite: ENG 2 or RDL 2 if required

ART 11 3 rec 3 cr
Introduction to Art History

This course covers developments in Western art and architecture, from prehistory to the present. Students learn to analyze artworks from different periods and movements including ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Baroque, Neoclassicism, Romanticism, and Impressionism, with an emphasis on how they relate to the society that produced them. A key component of the course is a formal paper based on students’ experience of viewing artworks at museums, galleries, or monuments in New York City.

Corequisite: ENG 100 or 110 if required
Flexible Core C – Creative Expression

ART 12 3 rec 3 cr
Introduction to Art History: Africa, the Americas, Asia and the Middle East

This course covers the art and architecture of Africa, the Americas, Asia & the Middle East from ancient times to the present. It examines a wide range of media from many different cultures, including African masks, Mesoamerican pyramids, Asian ceramics and Islamic mosaics. Students learn to analyze artworks and how they relate to the culture that produced them. A key component of the course is a formal paper based on students’ experience of viewing artworks at museums, galleries, or monuments in New York City.

Corequisite: ENG 100 or 110 if required
Flexible Core C – Creative Expression

ART 15 4 studio 2 cr
Design Basics

Studio course introducing the principles of two-dimensional design and color. Experiments in line, value, texture, space and illusions of volume and their applications to creative and dynamic composition are applied to conceptual thinking and the development of problem-solving skills for graphic design projects of increasing complexity.

ART 21 4 studio 2 cr

Studio course introducing basic skills and concepts in drawing. Studies in drawing anatomy, landscape, portraiture and still life. Use of different media and techniques including fundamentals of line, form, composition, and perspective. Professional models employed in some sessions.

ART 22 4 studio 2 cr

Studio course introducing basic skills and concepts in painting in oil and acrylics. Topics include fundamentals of form, color, texture, and composition as applied to still life, landscape, portraiture, figure studies and abstraction.

ART 32 4 studio 2 cr

Practical studio course in silkscreen printing and intaglio/relief printing. Basic printmaking techniques are covered with an emphasis on proper use and care of equipment. Students are introduced to graphic arts printing techniques including transparency of ink, separations, registration and editioning. The course covers developments in printmaking of both the past and present. Portfolio presentation is explained including proper mounting and matting methods and the care of prints.
This course is not given every semester.

ART 41 4 studio 2 cr
Ceramics I: Handbuilding

Hands-on course covering fundamental hand building techniques of pottery and ceramics through pinch, coil and slab construction. Emphasis on standards of design and development of craftsmanship.

ART 42 4 studio 2 cr
Ceramics: Wheel Throwing

Hands-on course exploring basic wheel-throwing techniques used to create functional and sculptural projects. Building, decorating, and glazing techniques are explored. Emphasis on three-dimensional design and craftsmanship.

ART 55 3 rec 3 cr
Modern Art

This course offers a comprehensive study of late-19th to late-20th-century art and architecture in Europe and the U.S.  It looks at major movements including Post-Impressionism, Cubism, Futurism, Dada, the Bauhaus, Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, and Minimalism. Students learn to understand the rise of the avant-garde and the meaning of abstraction, as they consider the content, form, and historical development of modern art.

Prerequisite: ART 11 or ART 12 or by departmental permission
Flexible Core C – Creative Expression

ART 56 3 rec 3 cr
Graphic and Digital Design History

This course examines the history of graphic design from the invention of writing to the present. Students learn to understand graphic design media in the context of different periods including the Ancient World, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, the twentieth century, and the digital age. Coursework includes formal and informal writing assignments.

Prerequisite: ART 11 or ART 12 or by departmental permission
Flexible Core C – Creative Expression

ART 71 4 studio 2 cr
Photography (Not offered currently)

Basic photographic techniques as a creative medium; emphasis on composition and lighting; developing, printing and enlarging. Students provide their own cameras and materials.

ART 72 4 studio 2 cr
Digital Photography and Motion Graphics

This course will emphasize the basics of composition, lighting, color correction and output. Students will study composition and lighting both in the field and in a commercial studio setting. Students will also examine various methods of digital image presentation including the use of graphic and audio elements in time-based media. This course requires students to have access to a digital camera.

ART 79 4 studio 2 cr
Typographic Design

Hands-on typography survey covering history of type, from the stone-age to the electronic age. Coursework will focus on creative exercises that will reinforce the understanding of type; its style, structure, measurement; and its design applications. Students will use current page layout software as applied to typographic studies.
Pre/Corequisite: ART 15 or by departmental permission

ART 81 4 studio 2 cr
Typography and Layout

Employing typographic and imaging skills, students will strive to create effective page layouts for print design. Conceptual and professional production skills will be emphasized utilizing current layout software.
Prerequisite: ART 79 or by departmental permission

ART 82 4 studio 2 cr

Advanced studio course investigating the making of illustrations and the direct relationship between technique, concept and execution. Practical aesthetic problems involved in illustrating work done in class can be used in a portfolio. Students prepare comps and finished artwork ready for reproduction. Assignments teach the student to solve problems of interpretation for children’s books, fiction and non-fiction, newspapers and magazine articles. Students are helped to develop their own styles.
Prerequisite: ART 21 or by departmental permission

ART 83 4 studio 2 cr
Graphic Design Principles (Not offered currently)

The application of 2D design and typography skills applied to problem-solving in visual communications scenarios. From symbol-making, logo design, print ads and posters and signage systems, students will produce hand and computer generated professional quality work. Emphasis will be placed on the creative process. Studio skills, as well as presentation skills, will be explored.

ART 84 4 studio 2 cr
Digital Imaging

A course concerned with Digital Imaging for Print, the World Wide Web and Multimedia. Students will experiment with scanned and self-generated images using industry-standard (currently Photoshop) imaging software. Integration with other applications will be a goal. The software programs’ prodigious versatility will be applied to the merging and transformation of photographic images in creative and unexpected ways. Professional level skills in this area, vital to a graphic design professional, will be emphasized.

ART 86 4 studio 2 cr
Digital Illustration

Computer-based instruction exploring advanced topics in illustration using current industry standard drawing programs. Emphasis on conceptualization through finish and technical excellence. Finished class assignments will provide portfolio samples.

ART 87 4 studio 2 cr
User Interface Design

This course focuses on the aesthetic design of user interfaces for web and mobile. Students learn the process of planning and designing interactive systems, creating flowcharts and mockups, and are introduced to professional Web Design software. Projects include various graphics for the Web, UI (User Interface) Design, HTML templates, and more.
Prerequisite: ART 84 or by departmental permission

ART 88 4 studio 2 cr
Web Interactivity

This course introduces the principles of interactive design for the Web. It focuses on developing a basic understanding of the design process, proper coding and styling of web pages, and animation, exploring concepts of interactivity, and designing projects for Internet delivery. Projects range from web ads and menu design to the production of fully functional web pages utilizing the latest technology.
Prerequisites: ART 84 or by departmental permission Corequisite: ART 87 or by departmental permission.

ART 89 4 studio 2 cr
Publication Design

This course explores the application of typographic design to a multiple page format. The challenges presented by designing for an extended publication will foster the development of greater typographic and conceptual skills. Working with narrative, students will create a book that combines personal artistic expression and hands-on skills with advanced digital layout techniques, thereby strengthening their ability to analyze and interpret raw information and place it into a meaningful context.
Corerequisite: ART 81

ART 90 4 studio 2 cr
Graphic Design Project

This course encompasses both the development of a multifaceted graphic design project and the production procedures necessary for projects to be printed professionally. Design projects will explore the creation of identity programs that will include multiple components. The interaction of design and production will be emphasized. Topics will include project management, understanding font utility programs and file preparation. How to produce reliable digital color proofs, create color separations and understanding color calibration will be covered.
Prerequisite: ART 86 or by departmental permission
Corequisite: ART 81 or by departmental permission

ART 91 4 studio 2 cr
Design Portfolio

A project-based seminar wherein the development of professional portfolios, print and/or multimedia is the goal, along with job-seeking skills.
Corequisite: ART 90 or by departmental permission

ART 93 4 studio 2 cr
Web Design Project (Not offered currently)

This course explores the creative and technical process involved in the development of a web design project, including information architecture, interactivity and menu design. It is conceptual in nature and employs a disciplined and systematic approach to the development of websites and other Internet-related projects. The course takes a comprehensive look at how websites are developed and deployed and looks into the common technologies used for web design. Students will develop fully functional web sites from the ground up.
Prerequisite: ART 87 and ART 88 or by departmental permission

ART 95 4 studio 2 cr
Introduction to 3D Graphics and Animation (Not offered currently)

This course provides introductory studio experience in 3-D computer graphics and animation. Topics include 3D modeling, texture mapping, virtual lighting, virtual lens, virtual camera and 3-D animation. Through lectures, viewings, tutorials and projects, students develop a multipurpose skill set that can be used for innovative content creation, product visualization, space planning, virtual object animation and multimedia integration.
Prerequisite: ART 86 or by departmental permission

ART 97 4 studio 2 cr
Web Portfolio (Not offered currently)

This is an advanced class in interactive web design, offering supervised career planning and a chance for students to explore different web design approaches. Aesthetic input and training in appropriate technical skills will be provided to help individual students improve their existing artworks and construct an effective, artistic web portfolio.
Prerequisite: ART 87 and ART 88 or by departmental permission


MUS 10     2 hr/1 cr
Music Survey

Music Survey is a course designed to introduce students to masterworks of the Western canon. No previous background in music is required for this course. The class covers basic concepts and principles of musical design, including melody, harmony, rhythm, timbre, and form, as well as orchestral musical instruments and traditional ensembles. Students will be introduced to the symphonic and chamber music literature, and important composers and masterworks from the time of Bach to that of Stravinsky. Works studied will include operas from Monteverdi to Berg, vocal and choral works and examples of jazz and related styles. Not open to students taking MUS 11 or MUS 12.

Corequisite: ENG 100 or 110 if required

MUS 11     3 hr/3 cr
Introduction to Music 

Introduction to Music is a foundational course designed to develop in the student an understanding of, and appreciation for, the art of music. No previous background in music is required for this course.  Basic concepts and principles of musical design are introduced, including melody, harmony, rhythm, timbre, and form. Topics include style features, important composers, and representative works from the Middle Ages to the middle of the 20th century, including the development of the symphony and concerto, opera from its Florentine origins to the Modern period, Ragtime, Jazz, and other American vernacular styles.  The role and status of musicians in history is discussed.

Corequisite: ENG 100 or 110 if required
Flexible Core C – Creative Expression

MUS 12     3 hr/3 cr
Multi-Cultural Survey of World Music

In-depth study and analysis of world music (style, form and tradition) and its relation to world cultures. Emphasis on music in its sociological, religious and historical contexts. Each weekly module covers one region and its musical traditions, from the Mediterranean to the Middle East (MENA), from sub-Saharan Africa to India and the Silk Route, from Indonesia to China and its neighbors, and finally ending up in South America, the Caribbean and the United States. Discussion of diaspora, authenticity, globalization and other contemporary issues as they relate to music.

Corequisite: ENG 100 or 110 if required
Flexible Core – Creative Expression

MUS 13     3 hr/2 cr
Sound for the Web (Not offered currently)

This course will introduce students to the techniques and procedures of creating digital sound for the web. The focus will be on various audio techniques, including voice recordings, digital signal processing, video scoring, and the creation of sonic backgrounds. Students will work on individual projects creating original music or audio tracks for web delivery. The class will cover the use of sound in various web-based media, the creation of sound for Flash animation, and the conversion of various sound formats for use with video.

MUS 14     2 hr/2 lab/3 cr
Creative Computer Music (Not offered currently)

Lecture-demonstrations and lab settings to familiarize students with capabilities of MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) technologies. Students master MIDI applications of the personal computer with regard to sequencing, sound editing storage and retrieval. Emphasis on use of MIDI and ability to set up an MIDI workstation.

MUS 18     2 hr/2 cr
History of Jazz (Not offered currently)

Survey of development of jazz music form time of slavery to the present. Audio laboratory listening assignments. Attendance at live concerts required.
Corequisite: RDL 02 if required.

MUS 21, 22, 23, 24     3 hr/1 cr each
Choral Performance

The study and presentation of standard and contemporary choral literature
for mixed voices. Choral training and performances at concerts, college ceremonies and functions.
Prerequisite: Departmental permission.

MUS 37     1 hr/1cr
Instrumental Class Instruction in the Recorder

Basic instruction in playing a musical instrument, the recorder, for both solo and group use. No previous musical training necessary.

MUS 40     3 hr/2 cr
Fundamentals of Music (Not offered currently)

Basic reading skills including treble and bass clefs, key signatures, major and minor scales, some elementary sight-reading techniques, rhythms, simple harmony.

MUS 50     2 hr/1 cr
Basic Musicianship (Not offered currently)

Development of basic aural perceptions of pitch, duration, intensity, timbre, melody and rhythm through listening exercises, signing, and the playing of simple musical instruments.

MUS 65     2 hr/1 cr
Beginning Guitar

Introduction to basic guitar techniques, harmonization and transposition of folk songs.

MUS 66     2 hr/1 cr
Guitar II

Not offered on a regular basis. Course description available upon request.
Prerequisite: MUS 65.

MUS 70     2 hr/1 cr
Piano Class for Beginners

Introduction to basic piano techniques, harmonization and transposition of simple accompanying techniques for folk songs, easy piano literature from all stylistic eras. Practice facilities available.

MUS 71     2 hr/1 cr
Secondary Piano I

Class instruction to attain an elementary facility at the piano. Taken by all Music majors except pianists. Registration only with permission of department.
Prerequisite: MUS 70 or by departmental permission.

MUS 72     2 hr/1 cr
Secondary Piano II

Continuation of MUS 71. Not offered on a regular basis.
Prerequisite: MUS 71.

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