Program Assessment:

Assessment of program learning outcomes occurs over a two-year period.  In year one, programs submit plans and gather evidence. In year two, programs submit their results and use them to make improvements – Closing the loop.” Also, in year two, programs select a new learning outcome to assess.

General Education:

Assessment of general education begins in the spring with the identification of courses that will be taking part in assessments in the fall.  At the end of the fall semester, artifacts will be collected from instructors.  During the following spring semester, artifacts will be scored using BCC’s Gen Ed rubrics, and the results will be analyzed and reported on.

Fall Semester

August September October November December
Program Planning for annual assessment project 15 – Assessment plans due (year 1) 15 – Assessment plans approved by OA Ongoing – Consultation with assessment staff Ongoing – Consultation with assessment staff
15 – Results and Action Plans from prior year due (year 2)     15 – Annual Assessment Day
General Education 15 – Instructors are notified which students have been randomly selected in their courses. 20 – Instructors upload artifacts to collection portal.

Spring Semester

January February March April May
Program 31 – Closing the Loop Reports due
General Education Ongoing – Assessment office collates artifacts Ongoing – Artifacts are scoring 15 – Report prepared by OA of Assessment results Ongoing – Discussion of results with Assessment Council and stakeholder groups 15 – Instructors are notified that their course was selected to be assessed.
15 – Scoring of artifacts  begins 31 – Report presented to Assessment Council

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