Bronx Community College administers numerous surveys in any given year.  These surveys run the gamut from student surveys on programs and services, to alumni reflections on their BCC experience and to perceptions of faculty on the campus culture and teaching. Below are results from some of these surveys.


Student Experience Survey

The CUNY Student Experience Survey (SES) is administered biennially to 50% of undergraduate students throughout the University.  The SES asks students about their perceptions of campus climate, academic experiences, satisfaction with programs and services, among other areas.  Results from the past administrations of the survey are available in interactive dashboards on the CUNY web site.



The Collaborative on Academic Career in Higher Education (COACHE) Survey is administered every four years for full-time faculty throughout the University.  The survey captures faculty sentiment with regard to teaching, service and research, tenure and promotion, departmental engagement and collegiality, and other aspects of the academic workplace. The most recent results are from the 2019 administration.  Results from the 2023 survey will be available in fall 2023. Please email Chris Efthimiou for additional information.



The Faculty and Staff Survey

Overseen by the Committee on Instruction and Professional Development, the BCC Faculty and Staff Survey is administered annually to full-time employees.  The survey covers campus culture, personnel resources, instructional environment, and student support services. Please email Chris Efthimiou for additional information.



Survey of Certificate and Associate Graduates

This semi-annual survey is administered to recent graduate six months after they have earned their degree / certificates.  The survey captures information on alumni’s current employment and education status, annual salary, and their perceptions of how well their education prepended them for future employment and education.

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