icon-templatesBronx Community College Academic Plan and Reporting Template (DRAFT)
Assessment Coordinators should use this template to submit their annual assessment plan and to report on their assessment findings.  Plans are due at the start of each academic year.  Results are due at the conclusion of the academic year or at the start of the following academic year.

Other Useful Templates:

Learning Goals and Assessment Techniques
This template can be used by faculty and staff to define important learning goals (outcomes) and to determine appropriate assessment techniques for each of these goals.

Rubric to Assess Quality of Student Learning Outcomes
This template can be used by programs to evaluate how well their student learning outcomes are developed.

Curriculum Map Template
This template can be used to identify courses and other activities in the curriculum where program learning outcomes are addressed.


Academic Assessment Handbook

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness, in conjunction with the Academic Assessment Council, developed BCC’s first Academic Assessment Handbook to guide faculty and others engaged in learning outcomes assessment through the college’s new five-step assessment process. The handbook was designed to provide readers with step-by-step directions and useful tools for assessing student learning.


Policies and Procedures Guide

The Policies and Procedures Guide provides users with an overview of the structures established at BCC to support student learning assessment, the types of assessment engaged in at the College, and the College’s reporting expectations.

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Assessment Council Workshops



References for books, articles, and other resources on assessment in higher education.


Bloom’s Taxonomy

A list of action verbs aligned with the six dimensions of the Taxonomy of Educational Objectives, familiarly known as Bloom’s Taxonomy.


Direct and Indirect Evidence

Table providing examples of direct and indirect measures of student learning at the course, program, and institutional levels.



Definitions of key terms used in the assessment literature.


Middle States Assessment Rubric

A rubric developed by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education for institutions to use to help them evaluate the status of their current assessment efforts.



Links to several national and regional organizations engaged in the assessment of student learning in higher education.



A step-by-step guide to developing a rubric.


Teacher vs. Learner-Centered

A comparison of teacher and learner-centered paradigms.


Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education (VALUE)

The 16 essential higher education learning outcomes as defined by the American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U)

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