M.E.N. is part of CUNY’s BMI (Black Male Initiative). As a university-wide initiative, CUNY BMI’s mission is to encourage, increase and support the inclusion and educational success of students from groups that are severely underrepresented in higher education, in particular African, African-American/Black, Caribbean and Latino/Hispanic males. CUNY BMI projects are open to all academically eligible students, faculty and staff, without regard for race, gender or national origin. BCC’s M.E.N. is one of more than 30 projects funded by CUNY BMI.

M.E.N. at BCC seeks to:

  • Recruit, enroll, retain and improve the degree completion/transfer rates of Black and Latino male students from various social and economic backgrounds
  • Provide a support structure that encourages Black and Latino male students to take advantage of our academic services, student services, career and transfer services and other resources that can enhance their educational experience
  • Provide mentoring opportunities that teach leadership skills though positive faculty, staff and peer mentoring relationships
  • Encourage Black and Latino male students to become MEN of IMPACT by providing them with Information, Motivation, Preparation, Affirmation, Cultivation, which should lead to their Transformation
  • Foster a college environment and culture of success where all of our male students can celebrate who they are and develop a true sense of belonging and connection to the college community at large


M.E.N. – Male Empowerment Network

Program Manager:
Mr. Clifford L Marshall II
Roscoe Brown Student Center [BC], Room 101-103
Email: Clifford.marshall@bcc.cuny.edu

Office Hours 

Monday – Thursday
10:00 AM – 5:00 PM


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