Open Educational Resources (OER)

The Open Educational Resources Seminar trains faculty in the use and development of open educational resource materials for inclusion into their courses.  Use of these resources in courses affords students the opportunity to enjoy zero textbook costs (ZTC).  Additionally, OER affords greater flexibility for faculty to present materials specific and pertinent to their course without waste or expensive textbooks.

OER Seminar

This workshop is offered from June 10-24, 2019, with a final project due no later than June 28th, 2019.

The OER Research Guide (

June 10-14 (Mon-Fri): Module I: Intro and Defining OER & ZTC

  • Discussion forum Introductions posting recommended by Wed June 12
  • Discussion forum posting for Module I due Fri June 14

June 15-19 (Fri-Wed): Module II: Finding OER/ZTC materials

  • Discussion forum posting for Module II due Wed June 19

June 20-24 (Wed-Mon): Module III: Evaluating, Selecting, and Integrating OER/ZTC materials

  • Discussion forum posting for Module III due Mon June 24

June 28 (Fri): Final Project due

Next Meeting(s):

  • Jun 10th through 24th ’19, self-paced via Blackboard

Seminar Mentors:

Nicole Williams
Emma Antobam-Ntekudzi

For Blackboard Assistance:

Delwar Sayeed
(718-289-5100 Ext. 3558)

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