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Biology, A&P, and Micro

Meister Hall 418

Tutoring is available generally starting around the 2nd week of classes each semester. Once the tutor schedule has been established, hours for the study lab are posted throughout the 4th floor of Meister Hall.

Medical Laboratory Technician

Meister Hall 516

The MLT Tutoring/Study lab creates an environment where students can engage in individual, peer and group study or lab practice. Courses of focus include: General Biology I and II, Microbiology I and II, and all MLT courses from Bio 81 (Introduction to Medical Laboratory Technology) to Bio 86 (Immunohematology). Tutoring hours are posted each semester throughout the 5th floor of Meister Hall.

General Biology

BIO 11 | BIO 12

This link will guide you to a website devoted to BIO11/12 students. You will find many helpful resources for studying Biology.

Anatomy & Physiology

BIO 23 | BIO24

A&P @ BCC Online Companion

  • The online companion to the two-semester course sequence on Human Anatomy and Physiology offers: course information and policies, student and instructor responsibilities, BIO 23 and BIO 24 Course Guide and Lab Manuals, link to free A&P textbooks, an updated calendar, instructors contact information, A&P practice exercises, a video library to lab models, an extensive list of tutorials and animations to complement the lectures, and a long list of frequently asked questions: https://bcc-cuny.digication.com/bio2324atbcc/Home//

Other A&P Learning Resources

Medical Lab Technician

Students graduating from the MLT are eligible to sit for the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) certification examination.* Passing this exam earns graduates the NYS CLT(Technician) License. This license is needed for employment in any NYS clinical Laboratory.

Find Frequently Asked Questions about MLT in this link

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