How can we explain racial, gender, and sexual inequalities? What forces are increasing economic inequality in the United States?  How has immigration shaped our culture and society in the past and present? How is immigration changing our society? How do the decisions made by government and economic leaders shape your life?

Sociology provides students the opportunity to consider society’s most challenging issues through a more objective lens. From topics like racial and economic injustice to mass incarceration and immigration, Sociology teaches students to collect and interpret data, think critically, and better understand how their individual lives are inextricably linked to the complex and ever-changing society they live in.

Spotlight on Sociology Alumni

Havolin Tejada

Havolin Tejada graduated from BCC in 2020 and is currently working as a paralegal and pursuing a part-time JD at the CUNY School of Law.

Halimatou Hamida Moumoni

Halimatou Hamida Moumoni graduated from BCC, earned a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies from City College and completed an Internship with the Permanent Mission of Niger at the United Nations.

Obed Gyedu Larbi

Obed Gyedu Larbi graduated from BCC in 2019 and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Yale University.

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