Clubs & Organizations

We have more than 35 clubs and organizations that connect you to the academic, cultural, and social aspects of campus life. You can join an existing club or start a new club with other students based on similar interests.

Forms to complete in order to start and/or recertify

In order to start a club, students must submit the following:

  1. A completed Club Registration Form
  2. A Budget Request Form
  3.  A Club Constitution

Returning clubs must recertify every semester. In order to recertify, returning clubs must submit the following:

  1. A completed Club Registration Form
  2. A Budget Request Form

Forms and Templates to start or recertify a club:

Once chartered, clubs will be able to reserve space on campus and purchase food for events. In order to do so, clubs/organizations must submit the following forms:

All forms must be submitted to and confirm through the IOC Office Manager, Ms. Shermekia Pierce and the IOC Advisor, Dr. Yvonne Erazo.

Contact Us

Ms. Shermekia Pierce
Roscoe Brown Student Center, Room 309
Phone: 718-289-5194

Dr. Yvonne Erazo
Roscoe Brown Student Center, Room 312
Phone: 718-289-5903

Adult Education

Examine personal life management skills in wellness, nutrition and foods, financial management, basic sewing, fashion and clothing, and building mental readiness for the “real world”.
Contact: Dr. David J. Puglia

Alpha Beta Gamma Honor Society

An international honor society of business for students at two year technical community or vocational colleges.
Contact: Thomas D’Arrigo

Art Club/ Society for Artists

Gather as artists to support and help broaden our skills with artistic projects.
Contact: Mary Jo Ben-Nun

American Chemical Society

Allows for students, faculty and others to better understand this science; provides educational means to that end, in various  modes.
Contact: Vicki Flaris

BCC Business Club

Provides a network and information for students across the business and information systems’ curriculum.
Contact: Harini Mittal

BCC Film Society

Provides students with screenings of films with background information beforehand (such as the history, making of and film significance for our community), and followed by Q&A with the filmmakers/experts on the subject matter in order to present how the power of cinema shapes our perception of the world around us.

BCC Media and Digital Film Club

Students with a passion for the movies can share their love of film and get a chance to participate as paid production assistants for major pictures and television shows filmed on campus. MTFS members also produce their own short films and videos for the annual BCC Film and Video Festival and enter them into national and international film festivals.

C.A.M.E.O. (Cosplay, Anime, Manga, Entertainment and Orgins)

A creative group of students whose goal it is to share their appreciation for Japanese art and host annual video game tournaments.

Chi Alpha Epsilon Honor Society (XAE)

Recognizes students who excel academically, promotes academic excellence in others and helps those who genuinely aspire to the same goal.

Code for All

Provides students a place to foster a culture within the Computer Science and Computer Information Systems community of Bronx Community College, and encourages members to seek out opportunities to expand their knowledge.

The Communicator

Bronx Community College’s student newspaper. Informs, updates, educates and inspires the College community.

Creative Writing Club/Thesis

Creates and nurtures a vibrant community of writers, reflecting the cultural, social, and political diversity of BCC, and publishes the College’s literary magazine (Thesis).

Criminal Justice Club

A support forum for students entering the vibrant field of Criminal Justice.
Contact: Raymond Gonzalez,

The CUNY Coalition for Students with Disabilities (CCSD)

Promotes dignity and independence for all BCC students with disabilities.
Contact: Preston Burger,


Provides structured, interactive and effective activities to engage students and instill within them with the skills needed for success.
Contact: Denise Comara,

Dance Workshop

Provides the opportunity to learn and perform various dances for the College and local community.
Contact: Kelvin Cooper,

Dominican Cultural Club

Advances knowledge of Dominican culture within the BCC community.
Contact: Deivid Valdez,

The English Club

Meets the needs of students who are particularly interested in English. Michael Denbo, and Joseph Donica,

Entrepreneurship Club

Spreads awareness about entrepreneurship among students and faculty members of BCC.

Food and Garden Club

Provides an understanding of self-sufficiency in the urban environment, experience in gardening and creating a sustainable food system.

Future Leaders of S.T.E.M.M.

Recruits and retains students pursuing careers in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine.

Future Teacher’s Club

Fosters support for individuals at Bronx Community College who aspire to become great educators or models to their peers through a holistic approach.

Math and Computer Science Club

Students will be given opportunities to investigate critical thinking skills, compete, take on leadership roles and improve mathematical & problem-solving skills.

Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) Club

Ensures that people who have a passion for Medical Laboratory Science can obtain the information needed to progress academically and professionally.

Minority Male Educators Club

Fosters support for men of color at Bronx Community College, who aspire to become teachers or role models to their peers through a holistic approach.

Muslim Student Association

Provides information and education about Islamic culture to non-Muslim students and people of other cultures and to develop understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims.
Contact: Hisseine Faradj,

Nursing Club

Educates BCC about health related issues and give back to the community through volunteerism. Contact: Virgena Bernard,

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

Recognizes and encourages the academic achievement of two-year college students and provides opportunities for individual growth and development.

Rainbow Alliance

Provides resources and extracurricular activities that address the needs of LGBTQ students as well as the greater campus community.

Seekers Christian Club

Shares the benefits and teachings of the gospel of Christ.

Society for Plastic Engineers (S.P.E.)/Nanoscience

Enhances the study of the plastic industry by increasing awareness among students, faculty and staff of the diverse ways in which the study of plastic is helping improve our lives.

Speech, Drama and Debate

Provides BCC students with a platform outside of the classroom in which to practice, perform and gain proficiency in oral communication.
Contact: and

Spoken Word

Provides opportunities to express, improvise, recite and relay feedback of your works with friends.

Student Veterans Association of America

Establishes a veteran presence on campus, ensuring a smoother transition from military to civilian/student life at BCC.

Tau Alpha Pi Honor Society

Promotes and encourages scholastic achievement and recognizes high standards of scholarship among students in engineering technology programs.

Tennis Club

Introduces students to the tennis facilities and involves them in weekly tennis activities

Theater Workshop

Performs and assesses theatrical performances and encourages the theatrical involvement of the BCC campus community.

The Tutor’s Alliance Club

A forum for tutors across the curriculum to meet and discuss issues, and to share ideas, strategies and projects at BCC.

Track Club

Assists in our fight to revive the Bronx Community College track and field team.

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