Natasha Bueno – Class of 2022

New Visions Charter High School for the Advance Math and Science

This has been an amazing course and I have learned a lot and I know that everything that I have learned is going to help me in the future. I learned that if something is new and I don’t understand it, I shouldn’t give up. I should persist through it. It’s okay to make mistakes because I am going to learn from these mistakes. This has been an amazing course that I will never forget.

Noah Admassu – Class of 2022

Riverdale Kingsbridge Academy

In the three and a half months of being in this program I have learned so much in this class. I have learned the importance of time management, having a growth mindset and also how to write a college essay. When I first came to this program, I was mildly upset, because I first thought all this meant extra work. But after my first week of the program, I thought, Wow, this program really could help me in my future, including college and my future job!”.

Michaell Santos – Class of 2022

Bronx School for Law, Government, and Justice

My first course with the College Now program was really good. This course gave me great exposure to what college classes are like. In this program I was also able to learn a lot of skills that made me reflect of who I am as a student and a person”.

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