Our services are FREE of charge and they include:

  • HSE and Pre-HSE Classes
  • College-Preparation Classes
  • College Enrollment and Retention
  • Academic Tutoring
  • Counseling and Career Exploration
  • Internships, Vocational Training, and Employment Referrals

Future Now was founded in 1998 on the campus of Bronx Community College to promote the educational and vocational development of young adults residing in the Bronx. The program offers free HSE and vocational training classes, student counseling and career exploration, along with college preparation and enrollment services to students ages 17 to 24. Most students are engaged in classes and other activities 25 hours per week. This level of intensity allows students to see progress relatively quickly, which helps motivate them to persist in their studies.

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Contact us:
Gould Residence Hall – 5th Floor
Phone: 718-289-5852

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday – 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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Future Now has celebrated over 20 years of service to community youth and their families. We invest in your academic journey from obtaining their HSE diploma through college.

Our Mission

We are here to help you pass the Test Assessing Secondary Completion, enroll in college and graduate from college.

We provide educational empowerment for out-of-school or formerly incarcerated youth by assisting them:

  1. Attain high school credentials.
  2. Transition into post-secondary education.
  3. Graduate in a timely manner with a college degree.

Our program’s purpose is to ensure that all current students become self-sufficient leaders, who in turn, will become powerful role models for the next cohort of students, and contribute positively to their self-growth, their families and their communities.

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