Participating High Schools


College Now at Bronx Community College has the pleasure to serve different high schools from the Bronx. Students in our partner high schools receive priority when applying to any of our programs.

Academy for Language and Technology

Oscar Bolivar, Counselor

Belmont Preparatory

Ms. Rosemarie Thompson, Guidance Counselor

Bronx Arena High School

Ms. Lauren Wittman, Guidance Counselor

Bronx Bridges High School

Ms. Arlyn Cebellos, Guidance Counselor

Bronx Compass High School

Brett Roer, Principal

Caroyln Santana, College Now Liaison

Jahaira Vargas, School Counselor

Bronx Health Science

Ms. Noemi Estremera, Guidance Counselor

Judith Alvarez, 10th Grade Counselor

Maudi Rodriguez, Assistant Principal

Bronx High School for Law and Community Service

Ms. Mildres Reyes, School Counselor

Meredith Phelan, Assistant Principal

Yanirys Sosa, Counselor

Bronx Lighthouse College Preparatory Academy

Ms. Alice Choi, Director of College Transitions

Bronx River High School

Shavon Evelyn, CN counselor

Bessi Fernandez, 11th grade counselor

Bronx School of Law and Finance

Belkys Estevez, Counselor

Eagle Academy for Young Men

Jason Bissonnette, School Programmer

Ivan Jackson, College Counselor

Equality High School

Julie Caso, Counselor

Fordham High School for the Arts

Ms. Iris Blige, Principal

Fordham Leadership Academy for Business and Technology

Ms. Shilpa Reddy, Community School Director

Marlena Carreras, School Counselor

Harry S. Truman

Ms. Petra Frantova,Assistant Principal/ Math Teacher

High School for Energy and Technology

Mr. Samson Pena, Bilingual Guidance Counselor

High School of World Cultures

Wendy Hernandez, Bilingual School Counselor

Wendy Lora, School Counselor

Paula Plaskett, School Counselor/College Career Readiness

Lucidenny Mercedes, School Counselor

KAPPA International School

Leslei Lambertson, School Counselor

Mott Haven Community High School

Tamarah President, Instructor

New Visions Charter High School for Humanities II

Liora Saat, Associate Director of Data, Testing and Programming

New Visions Charter High School for the Advance Math and Science II

Samantha Schneider, Assistant Principal of Student Operations

Wendy White, 10th Grade School Counselor

Dana Ashwood, 12th Grade Counselor

NYC Charter High School for Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industries

Ms. Veronica Valencia, 11th Grade School Counselor

Providing Urban Learners Success in Education (PULSE)

Ms. Carol Wiggins, Principal

Schuylerville Preparatory HS

Ms. Melissa Ramos, Principal

The Bronxwood Preparatory Academy

Ms. Sonia Cruz, Guidance Counselor

The Charter High School for Law and Social Justice
University Heights High School

Steven Cove

Lilliana de Jesus, College and Career Counselor

Allessandra Mitchell, Counselor

Hazel Roseboro, Principal

Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation

Narine Bharat, Counselor

West Bronx Academy for the Future

Kathleen Kennedy, Assistant Principal

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