CUNY College Explorers Program

As part of the Mayor’s College Access for All Initiative, the New York City Department of Education and CUNY have partnered to ensure that every middle school student has the opportunity to visit a college campus to promote high school, college and life success. Through age-appropriate and customized visits, CUNY reinforces the message that all students CAN GO to college, college is AFFORDABLE, and students can take steps NOW to achieve their college goals.

New York City middle school students visiting Bronx Community College will take part in one of the following activities, led by college faculty and/or a student in the related major:

  • The BCC Regular Campus Experience
  • The Biology Experience
  • The Chemistry Experience
  • The Nursing Experience
  • The Television Media Studio Experience
  • The BCC Athletics Experience
  • The Art/Gaming/Design Experience
  • The Automotive Experience

Contact Us

Andre C. Christie
Program Coordinator
Loew Hall, Room 208

Phone: 718-289-5100 ext. 3513



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