TRiO Talent Search Program

MISSION: The Bronx Community College Talent Search (BCCTS) program is a federal grant funded by the United States Department of Education (USDOE).  BCCTS is designed to provide early academic awareness in middle school participants to prepare them for secondary school, particularly in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics (STEAM); assist secondary school students to successfully graduate from high school; and provide technical assistance in completing all college and financial aid applications required for the college admissions process.  BCCTS’s goal is to create a pipeline that would bridge the gap between middle and secondary school, making the transition a successful one generating the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary for success in education beyond secondary school.  Talent Search will, with the help of qualified professional staff, administer an array of services; assist low-income, first-generation middle and high school students to overcome the obstacles in their path, which impede their educational growth; build self-esteem; increase academic aptitude; and assist/motivate all participants to successfully graduate from secondary school.  Participants will be further encouraged and assisted in enrolling in a postsecondary institution of their choice; and graduating with an Associates and Baccalaureate degree and beyond.


  • 450 secondary school students served annually.
  • 50 middle school students served annually.

Contact Us

Gould Residence Hall, Room 517

Phone: 718-289-5855
Fax: 718-289-6346

Council for Opportunity in Education: National TRiO Achievers Award Ceremony, September, 2019

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