The Accounting and Related Entities department is responsible for the maintenance of all accounting records for tuition and fees and all non-tax-levy entities of Bronx Community College. The non-tax-levy entities include the Bronx Community College Association, Inc., the Bronx Community College Children’s Center, Bronx Community College Auxiliary Enterprises, Inc., the Bronx Community College General Fund, and the Bronx Community College Foundation. Other services provided by the Related Entities and Accounting Department include the processing of payrolls for the non-tax-levy entities, the monitoring of the Bronx EOC operating activities and overseeing all financial audits.

Staff Listing

Donovan MillerDirector of Accounting and Related Entities718.289.5798Colston 809
Dulce Ryan College Accountant718.289.5264Colston 811
Gregory RosenbergFinance Specialist718.289.5785Colston 811
Ashmini ChitanCollege Accounting Assistant718.289.5787Colston 811
Yelena SmolyanitskayaCollege Accounting Assistant718.289.5789Colston 811
Venkata SubramanianCollege Accounting Assistant718.289.5263Colston 811
Hisken-Ali IsaacCollege Assistant718.289.5797Colston 811

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Colston Hall, Room 811

Phone: 718.289.5787

Fax: 718.289.6042

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