Kay Ellis
Kay W. Ellis
Vice President
Administration and Finance
Location: SH-211
Ext. 5127
Kay W. Ellis joined BCC in January 2016 as Vice President of Administration and Finance. Administration and Finance oversees business operations, human resources, technology, infrastructure, facilities, financial management, health and safety, security, administrative support and campus services. VP Kay Ellis holds an MBA from Utica College and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Manhattan College.
Gina Ugarte
Gina Ugarte
Executive Director of Finance and Business
Business Office
Location: CO-816
Ext. 5562
Gina Ugarte, Executive Director of Finance and Business, leads all Business Office operations including Budget Administration, Accounting, Purchasing, Bursar, Payroll Operations, Property Management and Receiving. Gina received her B.A. from Saint Francis College.
Deborah Alston
Deborah Alston
Finance Budget Director
Business Office
Location: CO-813
Ext. 5793
Deborah Alston joined BCC in January 2016 as Finance Budget Director. She coordinates the annual tax levy budget process, prepares budget statements and operating reports for department managers and senior officers, and provides ongoing support to the College on budget matters. She works with other staff in the business office to develop budgeting and financial reporting models, establish business policies for the College and implement a financial reporting system.  Deborah graduated from Brooklyn College where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting.
Carmen Perez
Carmen Perez
Accounts Payable Manager
Business Office
Location: CO-815
Ext. 5783
Carmen Perez is the Accounts Payable Manager in the Business Office. She is responsible for overseeing all tax levy payments for procured goods and services, as well as reimbursements to faculty and staff for travel and miscellaneous expenses. Carmen received her B. A. from Fordham University
Donovan Miller
Director of Accounting & Related Entities
Business Office
Location: CO-809
Ext. 5789
Donovan Miller is the Director of Accounting. This area is responsible for the maintenance of all accounting records for the College, College’s Association, Children’s Center, Auxiliary Enterprises Corporation, General Fund and Foundation. Other services include the processing of payrolls for the non-tax-levy entities, the monitoring of the Bronx EOC operating activities and oversight of all financial audits. Donovan came to BCC in 2006, and he has an M.B.A. from the University of the West Indies.
Clement Hemmings
Clement Hemmings
Enrollment Bursar
Business Office
Location: CO-Main Lobby
Ext. 5629
Clement Hemmings, Enrollment Bursar, is responsible for administering College and University policy regarding the collection of tuition and fees, directing College student accounts operations and activities, designing, implementing and monitoring an array of functions in billing and collection of student receivables and establishing and maintaining policies, procedures and internal controls for accounting and depositing of payments.  He holds a Master of Science in Education from Lehman College.
Charlton Christian
Charlton Christian
Receiving and Inventory Control Manager
Business Office
Location: PG-103
Ext. 3535
Charlton Christian runs the Property Management and Central Receiving departments at BCC. Charlton and his team are responsible for receiving and distributing arriving packages, tagging equipment and completing the annual inventory of capital and non-capital assets. Charlton began working at BCC in the Fall of 1990 while studying for his Associate Degree. He became Property Manager in 2003, the same year he received a Bachelor of Arts from the City College of New York.
Octavio Gomez
Octavio A. Gomez
Project Manager
Campus and Facilities Planning
Location: SH-302
Ext. 5383
Octavio A. Gomez is the Project Manager of Campus and Facilities Planning. His role is to help develop and review all capital and non-capital projects; develop project scopes, schedules and reports; and project costs to assure completion dates. Octavio received his Bachelor of Architecture degree 1988 from the New York Institute of Technology.
David Taylor
David A. Taylor
Assistant Vice President
Campus Operations
Location: SH-204A
Ext. 5598
David A. Taylor, Assistant Vice President for Campus Operations is responsible for the operations and stewardship of the campus including: physical plant, infrastructure, and energy conservation.  AVP Taylor received his MBA in Business Administration and Policy from Baruch College.
Frank Giglio
Frank Giglio
Campus Administrative
Support Services
Location: CH-LL
Ext. 5610
Frank Giglio, Director of Campus Administrative Support Services is in charge of key client service areas including: Campus Service Center, Mail, Duplicating, Xerox Print Smart Program, Audiovisual, Videography and Records Management.  Frank graduated from Empire State College with a Bachelor of Science degree with a Graphic Arts major.
Femi Falade
Olaitan Femi-Falade
Environmental Health and Safety Officer
Environmental Health and Safety
Location: LO-510
Ext. 5811

Femi Falade helps promote a safe and healthy campus environment for staff, faculty and students by developing, facilitating and monitoring policies and programs that minimize risks related to environmental health and safety and ensure compliance with applicable federal, state and city environmental and occupational health and safety mandates and regulations. Femi is a Certified Professional Environmental Auditor, CPEA, and holds a Master of Science in Environmental Health from the University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom and a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology from Obefemi Awolowo University, Nigeria

Marta Clark
Marta Clark
Executive Director
Human Resources
Location: SH-208
Ext. 5113
Marta Clark oversees Human Resources Administration including recruitment, employment, benefits, employee assistance, maintenance of employee records and the implementation of bylaws, policies, procedure and contracts.  Marta received her bachelor’s and MBA from Empire State College and holds a certification from the Society of Human Resource Management as a Certified Professional (SHRM-CP).
Elizabeth Rivera
Elizabeth Rivera
HR Specialist
Human Resources
Location: SH-204
Ext. 5114
Elizabeth Rivera supports the hiring and retaining of a diverse faculty and professional staff. Providing services in all employee life cycle activities, she is responsible for mass reappointments through CUNYfirst and also manages the data related to the College’s personnel actions. Elizabeth holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Lehman College.
Purysabel Uregar
Purysabel Uregar
HR Benefits Specialist
Human Resources
Location: SH-104
Ext. 5111
Purysabel Uregar is a Benefits Specialist in the Human Resources Department. She is responsible for the administration of all health plans, pension plans and long-term disability/long term care plans, and benefit programs for managerial, instructional and civil service employees. Purysabel joined the College in 2006 and holds an MS degree in Human Resources Management from Lehman College.
Luisa Martich
Luisa Martich
Interim Chief Technology Officer
Information Technology
Location: CO-808
Ext. 5732
Luisa Martich is the Deputy Chief Technology Officer, responsible for the management and oversight of the Office of Information Technology’s budget.  She also directs the day-to-day operations of IT management staff, leads the Information Technology Enterprise Project Management Office and acts as lead/co-lead in projects related to the Office of Information Technology.  Luisa has a master’s degree in Information Security from Kaplan University and a second master’s degree in management and leadership from the CUNY School of Professional Studies.
Wanda Santiago
Wanda Santiago
Director for Academic Computing, Service Desk & IT Professional Development
Information Technology
Location: CO-804
Ext. 5352
Wanda Santiago is the Director of Academic Computing/Technology Service Center.  She is responsible for the management of the College’s academic computing facilities and for oversight of the IT service desk.  Wanda also plans and coordinates skill trainings and team development for the Office of Information Technology, manages the BCC broadcast email and voice system and serves as the Site License Coordinator for the College. Wanda has an MS from the CUNY School of Professional Studies.
Chief Superintendent
Physical Plant Services
The Chief Superintendent of the Physical Plant Services (PPS) Department.  PPS is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the physical plant and the mechanical/electrical systems for all campus buildings and grounds.  Services include: heating, ventilating, air conditioning, electrical repair, renovations, relocations, landscaping, snow removal, carpentry, plumbing, painting, locksmith, site cleaning, trash collection and recycling.
Anthony Colon
Anthony Colon
Administrative Superintendent
Physical Plant Services
Location: NH-12E
Ext. 5241
Anthony Colon is the Administrative Superintendent of Facilities in the Physical Plant Services Department. Working with the Chief Superintendent, he is responsible for managing PPS’ daily campus operations. Anthony joined BCC in January 2016 following 30 years at City College where he was most involved in maintenance, custodial and landscaping operations.
Saul Fraguda
Saul Fraguada
Interim Director
Public Safety
Location: LO-512
Ext. 5924
Saul Fraguada currently serves as the Interim Director of Public Safety. He has proudly served the CUNY community as a law enforcement professional for more than two decades.  Lt. Fraguada holds a Bachelor’s Degree from John Jay College with a concentration in Criminal Justice.
Richard Cacciato
Richard Cacciato
Assistant Director
Public Safety
Location: LO-503
Ext. 5927
Richard Cacciato started working at Bronx Community College in July of 1983 and is currently serving as the Assistant Director of Public Safety. He is specifically charged with fire safety, departmental administration and finance, internal investigations and disciplinary matters. Richard holds a BA from Lehman College
Mary Faison
Mary Faison
Operations Lieutenant
Public Safety
Location: LO-505
Ext. 5928
Mary Faison is an Operations Lieutenant in the Public Safety Department. Appointed to the position in 2015, Mary has an AAS degree in Human Services from Bronx Community College and she is currently pursuing her degree in Security Management at John Jay College.

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