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HR staff can be reached by phone and email on weekdays during the business hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for information on benefits, policies, employment, training opportunities and more. Use the following links or the form below to get in contact with the Office of Human Resources directly.

Appointments are required for some HR services. Walk-ins are accepted but it is preferred that employees make an appointment, when possible with an HR representative.

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Employment Verification

Use the following form to request a letter verifying your employment, then submit it to the email address below. Please allow for 2 to 7 business days for completion. Request Form PDF Icon

Unemployment Insurance/Worker’s Compensation

CUNY Office Assistant

1. What are the hours for College Assistants?

College Assistants are allowed a maximum of 20 hours per week and 1,040 hours per fiscal year (a fiscal year begins 7/1 through 6/30).

2. Can a College Assistant request a leave balance?

You can view your leave balance by logging into NYCAPS Employee Self Service. Click here to find instructions on how to log into your account. To get a most up to date balance, please email

3. Can a College Assistants annual leave rollover?

No, annual leave for a College Assistant cannot be rolled over. Annual leave will be paid out in the second payroll of July.

4. Can a College Assistants sick leave rollover?

Yes, if you have accumulated sick time, it will be rolled over to the next fiscal year.

5. How does a College Assistant request time off?

You must fill out a Leave Request Form and submit it to your supervisor for approval. Then your supervisor will submit the form to Human Resources for processing. Finally, your supervisor will let you know if the request was approved.

6. When and how are College Assistants contracts renewed?

Reappointment will be based on your annual review, departmental need, and financial availability. HR is working closely with your Supervisors. Notifications regarding employment status will be mailed in June.

7. If I do not receive a Reappointment Letter, will I be able to claim unemployment?

Yes, you will be eligible for unemployment after your appointment end date.

8. How do I access my paystubs?

To obtain your pay stubs, please click here to find the following instruction for NYCAPS Employee Self Service.

9. How long does it take for Direct Deposit to become active?

Please allow two (2) pay periods for the deductions to become effective. Also, if you are changing your bank account, please do not close your current account until you receive at least one payroll deposit in the new account.

1. What is the process for timesheets?

Your Supervisor is advising HR on attendance and all vacation and sick leave requests.

2. How do I request vacation and sick leave?

You must fill out a Leave Request Form and submit it to your supervisor for approval. Then your supervisor will submit the form to Human Resources for processing. Finally, your supervisor will let you know if the request was approved.

3. How do I find out how many vacation days I currently have/need to take before August?

To find out your current leave balances, please send an inquiry to for PPS staff and for Public Safety staff.

4. Is there going to be any leeway with allowing more than the maximum annual days to roll over after August 31st?

Contractually, any vacations day's accrued above the maximum will be rolled over to sick time. We have not received additional information from CUNY Central at this time. If you know you have a lot of time, we recommend you request leave during this period.

5. What will happen to our unscheduled holidays? Will I be allowed to use my unscheduled holidays past August 31st?

Unscheduled Holidays must be used by August 31st, or they will be lost.

1. How do I submit my timesheet?

Please forward timesheets to the following emails:

2. How do I setup my NYCAPS Employee Self Service (ESS) Account?

Click here for setup instructions

3. Who do I contact when I am having issues with my NYCAPS Employee Self Service (ESS) Account?

Please forward issues pertaining to NYCAPS ESS to for best assistance.

*When contacting University Payroll, please include your 7-digit reference number.

4. How do I download my W-2 form through my NYCAPS Employee Self Service (ESS) Account?

Click this link and following the instructions

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