College Now is a completely FREE program.

Only students who attend NYC public high schools, registered homeschooled students, or students with disabilities whose private school tuition is supported by the DOE can participate in College Now.

Students must apply to a specific college’s College Now program. Students who attend high schools partnered with a college will receive preference for the program, but any eligible student can apply to College Now at any participating college.

High School juniors and seniors who have scored 75+ on the English Language Arts (ELA) Regents are eligible


Have passed with 75+ all English completed courses AND have an overall H.S. average of 75+

Students should also read the Eligibility Requirements page or contact the College Now office to find out more information about the eligibilities for each of our program courses as they may vary.

Because College Now courses are actual college courses, they’re more challenging and require more commitment and responsibility than a high school course. For that reason, we do not recommend that students take more than one College Now course at a time, especially if they are enrolling in College Now for the first time and if they have other schoolwork, home and/or work responsibilities.

Request or Download a College Now partnership application. Send a scanned copy via email to the College Now central office contact in the application.

We recommend one College Now partnership per school. 

Partner schools have the option to change partnerships through the submission of a completed College Now partnership application sent to College Now central office. Central office will review the application to determine if the change of partnership is feasible for the high school and College Now programs in question.

Any staff person at a high school can become a College Now contact. Usually the contact is a staff member in the guidance or college office. Assistant principals and teachers may also serve as program contacts.

Please contact the College Now campus program directly where you would like to apply.

Only NY State Department of Education (NYS-SED) approved schools (links below) serving NYC DOE students with disabilities can become partner schools. All other non-NYC DOE schools are not eligible to become partner schools.

853 Programs Serving Students with Disabilities

Special Act School Districts

4201 – State-Supported Schools

College Now programs are not open to private school students. The only exception is NYC DOE Students with disabilities who are referred to a NY State Department of Education (SED) approved non-public day (private) schools are eligible to participate.

Yes. NYC DOE Charter Schools are eligible to become College Now partners. Contact information to apply for partnership can be found on our website.

Summer programs are all offered on the college campus.  During the fall and spring semesters, classes may take place at one of our partner high schools or BCC campus.

If the course is taught at a high school, all students in the class are from that high school (can include other schools if they share a building). If the course is taught at the college, the class is made up of students from several high schools.

Classes are taught by college adjuncts or full-time faculty. Teachers from partner high schools who have the required qualifications can apply to teach in the program. They go through the same adjunct lecturer hiring process by relevant college academic departments as any other CUNY adjunct.

Non-NYC DOE students are not eligible to participate in College Now.

Homeschooled students registered with the NYC DOE can participate in College Now.  You can contact College Now campus programs directly to find out more information or to apply.  You will need to provide them your OSIS# to confirm that you are registered with the DOE.

You can print an unofficial transcript for free from your CUNYfirst account. To order an official transcript visit our Registrar page and follow the instructions

Transferring grades or sending a transcript to another CUNY college is free.  Requesting a transcript to be sent outside CUNY may cost up to $10.

You don’t need an official transcript to transfer credits within CUNY.  The credits are listed under your account in the CUNYfirst system.   We recommend you verify the credits have been transferred by speaking with your college admissions office or present them with an unofficial transcript which can be printed for free from your CUNYfirst account.

You can look up your grade in CUNYfirst. Please contact our program directly if you are having any issue finding your grade.

Middle school students are not eligible to participate in College Now.  Please check out the BCC College Prep Program website

Any interested 10th grader may participate in our First Year Seminar (FYS 11) course offered in the Spring semester. Rising 11th graders are eligible to apply for  summer college credit courses if they meet the eligibility requirements.

College Now currently does not have any courses for 9th graders.

High school graduates are not eligible to participate.

Eligible students from NYC DOE GED programs such as Pathways to Graduation may participate in the program.

Yes. Summer programs are open to all NYC public high school students, regardless of their high school’s partnership.

Graduating seniors are not eligible to participate in summer programs.

Rising 11th graders are eligible to apply for summer college credit programs.

In order to be eligible for College Now, participants must be registered New York City Department of Education students. We suggest looking into other summer pre-college programs including those offered by NYU, Pratt, NYIT & Fordham.

The maximum number of credits a student can earn through College Now is 15. 

Yes. All BCC College Now students are eligible to receive a Bronx Community College I.D 

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