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Gould Memorial

We are the only community college in the U.S. designated as a National Historic Landmark.

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Gould Memorial Library: A Threatened National Landmark

Gould Memorial Library was inspired by the Pantheon in Rome, the ancient temple of the Gods.  The library is laid out as a Greek cross with a circular reading room crowned by a soaring coffered dome. The rotunda is lined with 16 Corinthian columns made of rare Connemara Irish green marble. Statues of the Greek Muses line the lofty balcony, while the floor is covered with marble mosaic tiles from Italy. Tiffany stained glass windows brighten the vestibule and encircle the rotunda’s mezzanine level. The dome includes an oculus at its center, a round opening that is now closed, but once provided the only source of natural light.

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