Important Information

EIN (Entity Number & Federal ID)

  • Research Foundation of CUNY – 131988190
  • Bronx Community College of CUNY – 136017865

Congressional District

  • 15

DUNS Number

  • RF CUNY for federal grants application on – 620128764

DHHS General Assurance for the Use of Human Subjects

  • FWA Number – FWA00003623 Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) Contact Alexander Wolf at 718.289.5525 for further information on IRB/Human Subjects.

Fringe Benefits

Full-time 38% (Effective 4/1/21)
Part-time 9% (Effective 4/1/21)
Release Time 51% (Effective 7/1/16)
Summer Salary 26.7% (Effective Summer 2019-2020)
Adjunct 14% (Effective 7/1/21)
Graduate Research Assistant 2% (Effective 9/30/19)

Contact Us

Philosophy Hall [PH], Room 35

Telephone Number

Fax Telephone

Indirect Cost Rates

For Private Grants – Average is 15%

For Federal Grants 

Apply this rate to the modified total personnel, which includes salaries and wages plus fringe benefits. Only applicable for federal grant opportunities.

DHHS Indirect Cost Agreement

Effective Period: 7/1/2019 – 6/30/2023
Location: On Campus Rate – 71.5%
Location: Off Campus Rate – 34.3%

GSA Travel and Per Diem Rates

Government regulations require that all funds administered by RFCUNY adhere to a uniform set of guidelines for travel, regardless of the sponsor funding any particular award. Sponsors and/or an award agreement may have further restrictions.

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