Proposal Preparation and Submission

All proposals on campus must be submitted through the Grants and Partnerships Office. These are the steps involved in preparing a grant proposal.

Find Grant Opportunities

First, let us help you to find funding for your research or program. You can search using the tools, or meet with Grants & Partnerships office staff for assistance.

Submit the Proposal Registration Form (PRF)

Submit the PRF to notify your chair and activate Grants & Partnerships Office support.

Read Funding Opportunity Guidelines

  • Read the grant guidelines to ensure that you are eligible and that you meet agency requirements.
  • Follow page limits.
  • Include all attachments.

Contact Us

Philosophy Hall [PH], Room 35

Telephone Number

Fax Telephone

Contact the Grants Office at (718) 289-5183 as soon as possible for

  • Creating a timeline and benchmarks for the grant preparation process.
  • Help writing, editing and proofreading your grant
  • Getting current staff salaries and increases from Human Resources
  • Developing a budget and budget justification
  • Approvals to submit (2 weeks prior to deadline)

Writing a Great Grant Proposal

Proposal writing is the crux of the process. The Grants and Partnerships Office is here to help you write all or part of your proposal and edit or review your work. Remember to:

 Answer the proposal questions – using their language, in their order, and completely.

  • Use one voice or style, even if you have many people contributing to the writing.
  • Limit jargon.
  • Be direct and concise in your writing.
  • Remember, your proposal becomes your contract – don’t overpromise.
  • Have your proposal reviewed before submission. The Grants and Partnerships Office worked with RFCUNY and agency partners to review and improve your proposals prior to submission.

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