With few exceptions, all marketing projects, particularly those targeted to prospective students and other external audiences, are produced by our office in consultation with the client or project manager.

This includes marketing videos, brochures, banners, posters and flyers. If due to time or other constraints this office is not involved in the hands-on production, we ask that we review the project before it is distributed or released to the public.

In an effort to help expedite all Communication and Marketing requests, we have implemented a new tracking system for your upcoming projects. We now use ServiceNow, the same workorder system as the IT department.

It is a simple and intuitive tool that will help us to communicate better and facilitate your requests in a much more timely manner.

To use simply click the link:  ServiceNow.  Once there, sign in with your BCC credentials and fill out the request form.

Once you have all the information i.e. copy, artwork, sizes, etc. please type the details of your request in the “Work Order Description” box.  Be sure to submit your copy as a Microsoft Word document as an attachment. With regard to graphic design requests, please type the details of your request in the “Work Order Description” and be sure to include all desired artwork, logos etc.

All website projects, and requests for social media marketing should be submitted through ServiceNow as well.

If you have any questions about your design request, please contact Therese LeMelle at therese.lemelle@bcc.bcc.cuny.edu 718-289-5060.

If you have any questions about your web/social media request, please contact Scott Oscher at scott.oscher@bcc.cuny.edu.

If you have any IT questions about ServiceNow, please contact Manuel Decena at manuel.decena@bcc.cuny.edu .

Graphic Design

Thérèse LeMelle
Email: therese.lemelle@bcc.cuny.edu
Phone: 718-289-5160

Deivid Valdez
Senior Designer
Email: deivid.valdez@bcc.cuny.edu
Phone: 718-289-5145

Yuris Lopez
Graphic Designer
Email: yuris.lopez@bcc.cuny.edu
Phone: 718-289-5146

Karla Leonor Solano
Junior Graphic Designer
Email: karla-leonor.solano@bcc.cuny.edu
Phone: 718-289-3187

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