Our Brand

Our brand isn’t something we create. Our brand is Who We Are. Our brand is our students, families, alumni, faculty, staff and the community. It is our history and traditions. It is BRONX. From these principals came our new positioning statement, which informs and shapes both our digital content and that of our various marketing materials.

Positioning Statement

BCC stands for an ideal that sets us apart from the rest – one of strength, grit and diversity. Our story paints a picture of that spirit.

Keeping Our Promise

BCC empowers you to reach within, join forces and work hard to get to where you need to be. That strength is already there – we just help bring it out.

Our brand essence is our emotional heart. It’s the core of who we are.

Our Personality

BCC is all about personality. It’s confident, vibrant and proud of its heritage. It’s savvy, smart and fearless. It knows that there’s strength in diversity and that independent thinking leads to togetherness. It’s built on community – because it’s in a community that individuals thrive.

Communications & Marketing

Richard Ginsberg
Assistant VP

Phone: 718-289-5770
Email: richard.ginsberg@bcc.cuny.edu

Ramona Barksdale
Assistant to the VP

Phone: 718-289-5457
Email: ramona.barksdale@bcc.cuny.edu

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