The Kalief Browder Memorial Scholarship was established to help formerly incarcerated BCC students who, like Kalief, are working hard to transform their lives after incarceration.

The scholarship is awarded annually to a full-time BCC student who, like Kalief, is working hard to transform their lives after incarceration.

Kalief Browder Scholarship Fund

Kalief Browder, was arrested at the age of 16 and imprisoned for three years pending trial for allegations of robbery.  He could not make the $3,000 bail but maintained his innocence and refused to take a plea bargain multiple times, even though it would have released him.  During two of the years that he was imprisoned, he was held in solitary confinement and assaulted. Finally, after numerous postponements and 31 hearings, Mr. Browder’s case was dismissed and he was released.

Mr. Browder worked hard to transform his life – securing his G.E.D. and ultimately attending Bronx Community College.  He excelled in his courses and was a well-respected by his peers, especially those who had experiences similar to his. Unfortunately, the trauma of his confinement affected him greatly, causing him to take his own life at the age of 22.  Despite the tragedy of his death, Mr. Browder’s case has shined a light on issues that were once unnoticed or undocumented.  His experience continues to be cited both on local and national levels, as a call for criminal justice reform, with the hope that experiences like Mr. Browder’s come to an end.

Recent Recipients 

Beverly Emers

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