The power of BCC comes from our collective experiences. All of our messages should begin with the experiences that we offer and conclude with the rewards to our students. Every experience is a learning experience. Along the way we’ve learned that we’re:

Real. We’re straight up. We tell it like it is. Anything else is a waste.

Smart. We’re thinkers and doers. It’s a combination that can’t be beat.

Wise. We’re built on experiences. And we’ve learned from everyone.

Strong. The road is long, but anything’s possible. We’ll stay the course.

Bold. We do things our way. We’re not afraid to stand out.

Proud. We know where we come from. The Bronx is our heartbeat.

Driven. We’ll do what it takes. We’re here to blaze our own path.

Diverse. We find unity in our differences. And we celebrate them all.

Worthy. This is our world. And we’re deserving of our place in it – and everything we do.

These are our qualities. They’re what defines us. When we focus on them we can be true to who we are.

All of our messaging should begin with what we offer/our attributes and concludes with the outcome/reward for our audience/students.

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