DegreeWorks is a computerized degree audit program and academic advising tool designed to assist in reviewing your degree progress. DegreeWorks reorganizes your transcript chronologically and categorically, easily identifying courses you have completed and those courses you still need to fulfill your degree requirements.

For information on how to navigate DegreeWorks, click here.

DegreeWorks will help:

  • Determine the requirements you need to fulfill in order to complete your degree.
  • Identify the requirements you have completed.
  • View individual course grades, cumulative grade-point average (GPA) and major average.
  • Determine which courses you have taken or transferred, and which ones count as electives.
  • View transfer credits, waivers and exemptions applied toward your degree.
  • Project grade performance using the GPA calculator.
  • Confirm your academic status.
  • Determine whether there are holds or stops on your record.
  • Estimate how many semesters it will take you to graduate.

To access your student audit go to:  DegreeWorks

Log-in using your CUNYfirst username followed by and your CUNYfirst password

If you notice any issues with your audit, please email the DegreeWorks Coordinator

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to use DegreeWorks?

  • Before meeting with an academic or major advisor, go to the Portal and print out your audit.
  • Before registration, print out your audit and use it to plan your program for the semester.
  • After registration, confirm that the courses selected complete the requirements you still need.
  • Before you file for graduation, review your academic record.

When can I use my DegreeWorks Audit?

Use your DEGREEWORKS Audit when:

  • Reviewing your progress with an academic or major advisor.
  • Creating a list of questions to discuss with your advisor.
  • Identifying courses that need to be completed.
  • Selecting courses that meet your degree requirements.
  • Determining a projected graduation date.
  • Choosing a major.
  • Deciding whether to add a minor.

Can I change my major on DegreeWorks?

No, you must declare your change of major with the Registrar. To declare a change of major, go to the Registrar at CO 513.

What is the GPA Calculator?

The GPA Calculator offers 3 types of calculators:

  • GPA Calculator for GPA average needed to maintain to graduate.
  • Term Calculator for the current semester grades GPA.
  • The Advice Calculator grade for average needed to reach your desired GPA.

How do I use the GPA Calculator?

Choose a GPA Calculator type and click Load. Fill in requested information and click calculate.

Who can see my Degree Audit?

Staff advisors, faculty advisors, deans, and selected registrar and admissions staff have access to your degree audit.

What is "WHAT IF"?

What if” is used to view how your courses count in a different major. To use it:

Click on the “What If” button, then:

  • Select the degree you are considering.
  • Select the catalog year that matches the year you will select that major.
  • Select additional majors, minors and/or concentrations.
  • Click Process Audit
  • Review how your courses would count in this new major.
  • Discuss this new major with a department advisor.
  • Decide if you want to change or add an additional major.
  • Follow Registrar’s procedures to change or add a major.

Does the DegreeWorks Audit show all my courses even if I have taken them elsewhere?

Yes, all courses transferred in from other colleges, taken in the military, on permit or in study abroad should show on your degree audit. Certain courses may not be applied to your major if you have exceeded the allowable number of credits under the residency requirement.

Contact DegreeWorks

Colston Hall [CO], Room 513

Phone: 718-289-5245
Fax: 718-289-6308


Office Hours

Mondays – Thursdays

9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


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