Please be advised that for students that attended Bronx Community College prior to 2007 and are requesting transcripts, your request may be delayed. Orders for transcripts may also be requested through the online ordering system to be emailed as a PDF on official Bronx Community College letterhead.


To order your transcript, you can either come in person or order online. We enlisted the services of Credentials Solutions Incorporated to provide a secure website when requesting official transcripts online.

Transcript Requests

Official transcripts contain a record of all of your courses, grades and degrees. Only students can request their own transcripts to be sent. Transcript requests are processed during regular office hours.

During peak periods, for example, at the end of each semester, additional time may be required for requests to be processed.

In-Person Transcript Requests will not be processed:

  • When the office is closed (Saturdays and Sundays)
  • During all major holidays

Online Transcript Requests may be made at any time.

Request for Transcript In-Person

You can order your transcript in person at the Registrar’s Office, located at Colston Hall, Room 513. To ensure accuracy, please print all required information clearly on the Transcript Request Form.

If you are requesting your transcript to be sent to a CUNY Institution:

  • Submit the completed transcript request form for processing.
  • There is no charge for in-person requests for transcripts to be supplied to other CUNY colleges and affiliated units.

If you are requesting your transcript to be sent to a non-CUNY Institution:

  • Bring a completed Transcript Request Form to the Bursar’s Office, located in Colston Hall, Main Lobby to make a payment by cash or money order.

After you pay, a Bursar’s Office representative will provide you receipt of payment. Submit the completed Transcript Request Form along with receipt of payment to our office for processing.

If you were enrolled from spring 1996 to present, your request will be processed within 3 to 5 business days. Older transcripts may take longer to be processed.

Cost and Fees for Transcript
CUCF $7 (Note: There is a service fee in the amount of $2.00 if the request is processed online.)

There is no charge for in-person requests for transcripts to be supplied to other CUNY colleges and affiliated units. (Note: There is a $2.30 fee if the request is processed online.)

Purpose: Fee for each transcript requested by a student
How Often: Each occurrence
Who: Student requesting service
Refundable: No
Waivers: No
  • Transcript orders placed through third parties, including through intermediaries and CUNY contractors, may be subject to third-party fees and charges that are in addition to the Transcript Fee. Students (or other requestors) ordering transcripts through third parties will be responsible for paying all third-party fees and charges directly to the third party, or as otherwise required by CUNY.
  • CUNY reserves the right to pass through to the student (or other requestor) any third-party fees or charges assessed against CUNY in connection with a transcript order. Any such fees and charges will be due and payable upon CUNY’s request and will be in addition to the Transcript Fee.
  • Please plan ahead and submit your requests at least three weeks before your deadline.
Order Transcript Online

Please click on the Transcript Ordering Overview instructions prior to completing the requested fields of information.

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